Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sky Lit Up And Loud Boom Over Williams Lake, British Columbia

Date: 1990's (?)
Time: Evening.

The Vike Factor Note: The below report came in through the submissions area and the witness is anonymous to The Vike Factor. If anyone has any information about this event, would you please contact Brian Vike at or through my website at: Thank you.

I wish I could remember the date. It was in the 90s, and I was in bed listening to music radio up in Williams Lake, B.C. All of the sudden the whole dark sky lit up with a bright white light, which then changed colours. I don't remember the order, but it turned green, blue, yellow, and orange. There was a loud boom that accompanied it, I believe beforehand, but it could have been afterwards.

I immediately turned my radio on to Coast 2 Coast AM and heard at least a dozen other witnesses to the incident, most from Washington state. One was a pilot who saw something in front of his plane and almost crashed into a building, one was a trucker driving down the road and saw an object crash to the earth. They believed it was a meteor, but the trucker insisted the landing area was government property used to test military stuff?

The next day I tried to do some research to see what I could find information wise, but there was nothing anywhere. I never heard about it again.

If anyone has any information, I would be thrilled to learn more. It was an incredible experience for me.

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