Saturday, December 19, 2009

3 Round Large UFOs Levitating Over Fort Nelson, British Columbia

Date: September 15, 1996
Time: Approx: 11:30 p.m.

It was about 11:30 pm, A friend and I were on our way to attend a collage course in B.C.. We saw what looked like 3 round large balls of light levitating in the air.The biggest one was on top, it looked like it was very hot in color, a very bright white, the next one was under that one and it looked like the color of fire yellow, then the next one was under that one, it looked like it was fire red/yellow. All three were equally spaced apart what looked like about 30 to 60 feet apart. The biggest one looked to be about 50 to 60 feet in diameter, the next one down was about 35 to 25 feet in diameter, and the small one was the closest one to the ground, it looked to be about 15 to 20 feet in diameter and was about 60 feet off the ground.

They all just hung in the air with no sound, but very bright. As I drove faster to get closer to them, I got about 200 ft from them and they all just disappeared. As we drove further, we seen what looked like a very large white oval light ahead of us maybe 1/4 mile. I then stopped the car, turned off the car lights, and shut off the car as not to disturb whatever it was. My friend and I watched it for about 5 min. then it started to move very slow but started to go faster and started to pickup speed. Then it took off real fast and left a long trail behind that looked like the same shape and it stayed white for some time.

It looked like what your hand would look like as you passed it in front of you fast. We drove to Watson Lake and reported it to the R.C.M.P. as a UFO sighting. My friend is a Pentecostal Minister for 20 years, he is about 54 years old, and I am 52 years old myself now. All the round balls were glowing like a electric welder, "a pulsating-light."

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