Saturday, December 19, 2009

Grapefruit Sized Bright Light Right Overhead At Whiteswan Lake, British Columbia

Date: July 1992
Time: Evening

Hi, I have witnessed a strange phenomenon near that lake while in the nearby natural hot springs. It was a very bright light, about the size of a "grapefruit??" that appeared almost directly overhead. It then "took off" in a right hand motion across the sky after being stationary for about 2 seconds. It only took another 2 seconds for it to zoom off the horizon (high mountains). It did appear to get smaller as it rapidly moved across the sky, only slightly.

The cabins on Whiteswan are ~ facing south - southwest.

Also, the "sighting" that I am referring to occurred in ~July 1992

I believe that the area has had significant activity of this type. It may not be that the number of UFO appearances is greater than any other place, but I believe that the number of sightings is much higher as people visit the hot springs at night and watch the sky while being in a nice warm "bath". The hot springs are "natural" and flow through several rock pools before entering the ice cold Lessier River. There are no lights, no ceilings, they are in the wide open surrounded by mountains.

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