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UFO Changes Shape Over Maple Ridge B.C.

Date: 1993-1994
Time: Daytime

Full Description of event/sighting: It began with a few sightings my family and I had. One was in the daytime and it looked like two cotton balls very close together if not attached.(like this OO)

It was the size of a Chinook helicopter in size and was half a block away from me as I was drove along. It looked very fuzzy and in-between these two balls was a "dark cloud" area of mist or fog, but you could see it was two spheres with a gap in-between.

This thing was also changing shape. The area in-between the two spheres would fill in, so now it looked like one object, or a short tubular cylinder then back again to two balls. This object was only about 400 feet in the air going east parallel to the road and houses at about 20 miles per hour. I sat there and watched this for a few seconds when it made a "normal" but tight left curved turn north.

I continued on my way to a store, got milk eggs or whatever and then out of curiosity, I drove north just to have a look, and lo and behold there it was looking like a cylinder at about 200-3000? feet climbing at about a 45 degree angle at 20 miles an hour into the bottom of some cloud cover.

Another very close one was one night when I had a video camera and tripod merrily humming away till about 2:00 a.m. when I thought it was time to shut it all down and putting everything away, I thought I'd look out "just one last time". I opened the blinds with my fingers and there was this huge "thing" about 75 feet away at about 200 feet or less, a pair of "eyes" or two perfectly round, perfectly evenly illuminated circles of light, like this O O. A bit farther than eye spacing I would guess.

They were about 10 foot across each light. One was pure blue light and the other one was a pure red, very intense color bright, but not to bright to look at.

I looked at this for maybe 30 seconds when I started to feel light headed, I think it was the shock, I dove for the camera and power adapter, fumbling, and when I got back to the window, it was gone. I think I saw red light going across the blinds heading north. I also had a couple of more close sightings as well.

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