Monday, December 21, 2009

Orange UFO Dripping Sparks Over Grand Forks, British Columbia

Date: Either December or January 1998/1999 ?
Time: Evening

I have also seen an orange ball of fire, that seemed to be dropping or dripping something orange out of it. This was in the end of 1998 or beginning of 1999.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Additional Information:

The Orange 'orb' was at high altitude. It did not move, it just stayed in one place. It looked as if parts of it were dripping, like maybe sparks of orange, falling down in a straight line. My boyfriend and I were really frightened. It lasted only about 20 seconds, and then it disappeared. We kept looking into the sky that night to see if we could see anything else, but we didn't.

It was winter time, either December or January. A very cold night.

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  1. I saw it yesterday about 1150pm in Anaheim, CA
    Except it was dripping blue. The main Orb was orange I thought it to be a asteroid. I watched it move slowly for about 5 minutes. There was a small blue dot near it. Didn't think anything of it till it dropped straight down. It was like something stretched it. It fell straight down. It did this about 6 times. Then ACthe orange Orb separated piece by piece till all that was left was a faint gray outline. The outline still moved around left to right till it traveled off to far to see.

  2. some yrs ago, i saw a flying object over grand forks, bc, canada. i didnt tell anyone cause u know the usual stuff over seeing a ufo, but im not a nut nor do i see things like this on a regular basis, but on one particular nite sometime during the 1990's i saw the same flying object that everyone sees, and the description im going to give u is true. i came upon this site and thought i would finally tell my story. i saw a rounded object top n bottom that had mostly red lights flashing around the centre of it. it hovered, then it would move like nothing i ever saw sideways, up, down, but fast movements. it played around the nite skies over my little farm, for a few minutes, then was gone. i remember thinking what the hell was that? i never forgot, but didnt think anyone would believe me. i dont do drugs, and i dont drink. hope this helps u. if u like, u cant contact me for more details. Miss L.