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Green Object Seen From Kelowna, British Columbia

Date: 1997 (?)
Time: Between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.

Hello Mr.Vike, I'm writing in regards to an article I read a few hours ago about about those girls and some other lady and their experiences here in Kelowna a few years ago. While I can't say that I believe in their stories or any other abduction stories, and I do have rather skeptical opinions on whether or not we are even being visited, there was something to the stories that raised the hair on the back of my neck in a way that hasn't happened for years. I figured it wouldn't hurt to write you about the green light I saw quite a few years back in this same town and, from what I just read, in the same area. (not to mention I just can't sleep now that my mind is too busy thinking about it all).

I had moved here (Kelowna) around '97 (it's been awhile, I just can't remember the exact dates) because I landed a job with one of the security companies here before I even finished my security training. One of the first assignments I had gotten from them was to patrol on foot, at the golf course that's located along Glenmore. They wanted security at night to keep the late nighters from walking on the new grass (the course had new grass due to the expansion and the new expansion I was told, was a great short-cut to the highway and alot of teens were using it at night).

It was an easy, but boring and eventless job so most of the time I just spent hours watching for shooting stars and strolling around. One night, I was patrolling in the direction facing Rutland, maybe even East Kelowna, and I saw a green light dropping down over what I was pretty sure was Rutland.

I know memory makes for a bad witness, but a green-light meteor is not something I can forget. I remember being excited because I've seen shooting stars almost any night I look up long enough, but I've never seen one that looked as though it made it through the atmosphere and headed straight for the ground. I also remember the sick feeling I got because it stayed lit the whole time and looked like it hit Rutland. The reason it bothered me is because I had moved my family into Rutland, and for a meteor to hold it's light all the way til impact, I figured it would have to have some size to it.

Then, after awhile of standing there staring for awhile and still kind of shocked at what I saw, I relaxed realising that if the meteor had any size to it like I was worrying about, I would have heard or felt or seen an impact. So I laughed and went back to being excited about the sight and waited to see if anyone on the radio was going to start talking about it. I was new on the job and didn't want to look bad by bringing up useless chatter on the radio about meteors and the such.

Nothing. Not one word. One of security car patrollers stopped by to check on things and I talked about it with him. He thought it would have been cool to see (after making a few jokes about thinking I'm drinking on the job) but reported that he saw nothing like that. I couldn't believe it. I mean, it didn't light the sky up or anything, but it was not something you would miss if you were looking in that direction.

It happened late, like around 1-3 am or there abouts, and it was middle of Spring, but Kelowna wasn't all asleep around that time so I figured it would at least make the news or the paper for sure. I got home around 7:00 am and sat in front of the TV to see if there would be a big deal about it on the news. My fiance at the time had woken up due to the noise I was making coming home and I told her about it. So we sat and watched the local channel til we fell asleep.

Nothing. For a week I watched the local news and eyeballed the local paper for any report on it and nothing. It bugged me for some time that there was no report on it because I really thought it was a big deal. I mean, this is an area that will report in the news how many kittens Mrs. So-So's cat had the other night, so I thought for sure a larger green meteor would have made the news.

For years I haven't really given it further thought, was just one of those rare lucky meteor sightings that I'd smile about whenever I'm looking up at the stars or reading about planets and space etc.

Now, after reading your article, I'm thinking about it again, and I don't know what to think. It was green, unmistakingly green, didn't flash or trail any other color, it looked like it stayed green all the way down to the earth ( which is still blowing my mind that it happens to be the same area that those girls in your article reported seeing it) and now I'm remembering it not being so fast as I was able to say 'Holy Crap!' before it was gone or hit ground. Kind of like a fast falling flare I guess. Fast enough to have a bit of a tail, but not fast like a meteor streaking the sky. The Spring season being in common is also pretty flukey as well.

Like I said, I find it hard to buy the other stories, but the area and being green have me believing they indeed saw something. But im also having a problem now trying to fathom green meteors being a semi-common occurence here in Kelowna.

Make of this what you will, take it or leave it. I had not experienced time loss, seen it move in any other direction other then down (albeit a bit slow), and didn't walk away from the sighting the worse for wear, but I would really appreciate it if you would write me back to tell me if anyone else has reported to you the wild sight around the same time. It was just too surreal and fantastic for only me to have seen.

Sorry for the long letter, and good luck in your research.

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