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Blue Colored UFO Descends Behind The Trees South Of Quesnel, B.C.

Date: June 1997 Time: 12:45 p.m.

Until I stumbled onto the Rense website, I wasn't aware of a 'local' UFO group. I'd like to relate an experience my father and I had back in 97, while on a car trip to the lower mainland. At the time we were living in Prince George, and we were going to visit my grandfather there. It was the beginning of summer (I think it was June sometime, although neither me or my dad can decide exactly what the date was in that month) and seeing as how hot it gets going through the canyon (Lytton is scary in midsummer for heat) we preferred to travel at night. So it was sometime after midnight (I'm fairly certain the time was 12:45) when we had passed through Quesnel. We were travelling south, at about 100 kilometers an hour and were maybe 10 or so km's south of Quesnel past Dragon Lake, when I noticed a blue light in the sky ahead of us on the highway. I watched this for a few moments before I said anything, and finally asked my Dad 'Do you see that?'. I think what he said was 'I wasn't going to say anything..' What we were seeing, was a slowly pulsing blue object, about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon. The approximate size was probably equal to the size of a nickel held at arms length (estimate).

The object would brighten and darken about every 2 seconds, very slowly. It's color was similar to the backlight on an Indigo wristwatch (for the record I was wearing one at the time, however it could not have been a reflection from the windshield because both of us saw the object in the same place and it did change position in the sky as the car moved through turns on the highway, and I checked my watch to see if it was lit and it wasn't). It held it's position in the sky and was steady and we continued to watch it for at least half a minute. I can't say for sure how far away it was, because it didn't increase it's size much (it did a little) as we approached it. Anyhow, it stayed in the sky for at least half a minute and then suddenly began to descend in behind the trees and we lost sight of it. My father and I agree completely on what we saw, in every detail, and are firmly convinced that what was up there wasn't conventional in nature.

Other hopefully helpful stuff: If I had to describe the light it emitted, I would have to say it was 'luminescent', i.e. it was emitting a glow of it's own. Plus, the sky that night was quite clear, and stars were visible around the object, and as it descended it clearly blocked out one of those stars as it dropped. Also: Moving my head from side to side while looking at the object didn't change it's position on the windshield, it was definitely something outside and away from the car. The color of the object wasn't exactly the shade of a Timex watch, it was more bluish than greenish (I lit my watch for my dad a couple of minutes after the light disappeared and he said it wasn't the same).

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