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4 Orange Lights Over Grandtully Perthshire Scotland UK (New Years)

Date: January 1, 2010
Time: Approx: 00.20 a.m.

Hi, My husband eldest son and myself were all looking out of our living room window a short while ago after the bells, at the fire works going off over the river from us, when in the other direction I noticed 4 orange lights in the sky, all very close together and moving to fast to be any aircraft and also there was no noise! (The fireworks had now finished)

After a few seconds another light came over the hill, then all the five lights seemed to all go in a line approx the same distance apart from one another.

We then all went out the front door to have a look and see if there was some noise (there was none) however when we all got outside the lights had all separated going in different directions apart from one, the other four lights disappeared, one of them going very fast over the hill in the direction of Pitlochry, the fifth remaining light stayed where we could see it, but still moving sporadically, eventually seeming to go higher up until it disappeared!

The reason that I am getting in touch with you is that on Christmas Eve we also saw the same thing, but with only one light!

We were driving to deliver some Christmas presents to friends when I saw the orange light in the sky and said to my husband about the bright light and that it was moving very fast, he pulled over and got out the car to have a closer look, again there was no noise, it moved very fast for quite a distance in a straight line, then it suddenly stopped, moved to the right, back again, and then shot back the way it came, veering off to the left and again disappearing!

We thought that the light was bizarre and told friends and family who all laughed at us suggesting that it may in fact have been a UFO, but after seeing the bizarre lights and the movements again tonight, we would like to see if there is something in this!

We live in Grandtully, Perthshire, Scotland, which is where we saw the lights tonight at approx 00.20 am, however on Christmas Eve we saw the lights when driving through Aberfeldy at approx 17.15 pm.

If there is an explanation to these lights we would love to know!

Is there anyone else that saw these lights at these times?


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