Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ball Of Fire Hovering Over Hudson Bay Mountain At Smithers, B.C.

Date: 1990s ?
Time: Between 11:00 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.

I made a call to a business in Smithers, British Columbia as I was enquiring about a video program for my computer. I ended up talking to a fellow and we discussed the program and got onto talking about UFOs. This is when he told me he and his friends had witnessed a very strange object sitting over Hudson Bay Mountain one night some years back.

The witness said he and three friends were coming home from a party one evening, all of the guys were still in high school at the time. The man explained that it was a beautiful clear night and they were driving west past St Joseph's Church when the driver looked up onto Hudson Bay Mountain and could clearly see what appeared to be a giant fireball sitting right over top the mountain. The witness told me he looked away as he thought he was seeing things, but once again the man young man looked up and still saw the object over top the mountain.

He of course called out to his buddies to look at this strange sight and they stop the vehicle and got out to observe the object. As they all watched, it just sat hovering at approximately 200 feet above the tree line. Eventually it started moving, but at a very slow rate of speed. They were able to watch the object for about 2 minutes in total, and heard no sound. They felt if the object was that close they should have heard some sound if it had of been an aircraft.

He described the color as being orange, yellow and green and just a large ball of fire. The witness guessed the size to be that of a normal sized car. The object moved down the mountainside and towards the Twin Glacier at this slow travel. All of a sudden the object, whatever it was shot off and over the top of the mountain and was gone.

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