Monday, December 21, 2009

Silvery Rounded UFO Spotted Over Gibsons, British Columbia

Date: Mid 1990's
Time: Fall night.

Location: Gibsons, BC (Sunshine Coast)

At the time, Gibsons was still a very quiet place. I was walking home, watching the sky as I often do. The sky was dark blue or black with stars and the occasional puffy cloud, lit from below by the village street lights.

I saw what appeared to be a low-flying passenger airliner. I only saw the front of this. It was silvery and rounded at the front. From the front to the back, as far as I could see, were what appeared to be lit plane (squarish) windows (perhaps 6). I stopped to watch and then it occurred to me that a) if it was a plane flying that low I should be able to hear engines, but there was no noise and b) plane cockpits are not lit up as
passenger windows are. Nor was there a cockpit bulge.

This "plane" i.e. just the part that I could see, went behind a cloud. I stood and waited for it to emerge on the other side. It was a small cloud. It did not come out the other side.

I heard locally that another woman had reported a UFO at a similar time.

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