Monday, December 21, 2009

Huge Pulsating Glowing Orange/Yellow UFO Over Stoner, B.C.

Date: 1998
Time: approx: 10:00 p.m.

A lady called from Prince George, British Columbia to tell me of a sighting she, her husband, her brother and his wife had when they were camping at Stone Creek on the Fraser River as they went to do some salmon fishing. The campers were approximately 40 kilometers south from Prince George. Due to it being rather chilly out that evening they lit a nice camp fire to keep warm and talk about the days events. She said it was a beautiful night as the sky was clear and they were able to view the stars above. The witness said way in the distance to the north you were able to see the sky lit up from the city lights in Prince George. Straight in front of them was the Fraser River and across on the other bank was a tall stretch of trees. Approximately 100 feet above the tops of the trees sat a "huge", pulsating glowing orange/yellow ball of light which appeared to be swaying slightly. They said it came out of nowhere !! Looking at something so large and very close they all got frightened and all asked one another what is that.

The light stayed in it's position for a while and then it started moving away in the opposite direction from the witnesses towards the southwest rather quickly. Also the lady said there was no sound coming from the object, yet they could hear the odd car traveling the highway. The estimated the object to be twice a large as a full moon and of course as it moved further away is grew smaller in size due to the distance between the witnesses and the object. Something else she told me, as the circular object moved away, it did not shoot high into the night sky, but flew away in a straight line. I asked if the object lit up the area, she said no.

Everyone figured they observed it for approximately a couple of minutes, although the witness felt they had watched it for a life time due to the strangeness of it. They were going to check the fishing nets that were set that night, but after seeing this thing, they did not want to go anywhere near the river and went back to the tents. When they all returned home the next day the woman called the local Prince George radio station and told them what they had witnessed, as she wanted to know if anyone else had reported the same object, but no reports came in.

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