Sunday, January 1, 2012

Large Glowing Orange Lights Spotted Moving In The Sky Over Cambridge Ontario

Date:  January 1, 2012
Time:  12:23 a.m.
Hello, my name is (name removed) I am a 22 year old recent college graduate living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. This morning on  01/01/2012 my girlfriend and I were having a quiet (we were both battling a cold) New Years eve at my four story apartment building located in downtown Cambridge.
At exactly 12:23 a.m. a rather large glowing orange light caught my eye moving slowly in the skyline outside my apartment window. We observed this orb move across the sky trying to figure out if this was some sort of plane or helicopter.
Luckily I had binoculars close by and we were able to get a closer look. There was no shape or flashing lights visible, nothing typical of a passenger jet or helicopter. It was literally just a glowing ball traveling across the horizon.
Just as it was going to disappear from sight, we noticed another one appear on the horizon. This too took the exact same flight pattern, followed by 2 or 3 more. Each one then disappeared from sight in basically the exact location as the first.

I did manage to capture a pretty poor video from my cellular device, in which you can see 2 of the orbs. The quality is very poor and does not do justice to what we actually witnessed. I have never wrote anything about UFO's before, I consider myself a level headed person with strong morals and beliefs.
I also know the difference between a plane and a UFO. This was not a plane, this was multiple glowing orange balls traveling across the skyline and disappearing. I hope others saw what we saw and have a better video. Thanks.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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  1. Am a Canadian visiting in puerto Escondido (south pacific coast of Mexico) and saw the red lights last night just after midnight too. Very odd. Looked like a bunch of satellites that were burning up, yet traveling together. Wonder if we'll see them again tonite...

  2. hello. i live in pittsburgh, PA and i was outside shortly after midnight on new years eve at a friends house for a party. we also saw a slow moving slightly zig-zaggy orange light in the sky.

    i was the first to notice this and pointed it out to all the tobacco smokers with me on the porch. we all watched as it slowly glided from south to north and eventually it just disappeared.
    we thought nothing of it until three more appeared a few minutes later in no specific order. they were floating across the sky again from south to north and for a moment made a triangle formation, and then faded into the night sky.
    i believe life exists elsewhere in the universe, but i've never really believed in UFOs or aliens anywhere close to our planet. but the more i look into this, i notice it occurred severak tunes from england to san diego. weird!

  3. We have seen probably the same thing in Glendale AZ. Except there were 6 of them 40 feet above the homes across the street from us. I watched them with two other people moving (5 mph) slowly and followed each other in the same path as the previous one or first one. Because they were so close to us I starred at them to get a good accurate description. I also sized them up as compared to a chimney of one of my neighbor’s homes and I can safely say they were 8 feet in diameter. The Glow was not all unison, it appeared that streams of light were coming from the center outward but in the center I could see it was Black. The streams never exited the circle; example would be sparklers that you see on the 4th of July. I could also see something on top of each one that had a black opaque look.
    Each one was about 3-4 minutes behind the other one as they gained altitude they also gained speed, but nothing dramatic as of speed.
    So we watched all 6 for approximately 20-22 minutes

    Next, this is over and above what we saw in that all three of us who had been observing these objects were thinking about San Antonio Texas because we had to travel there within a week or two. Next day we Googled to see if anyone had reported seeing them and we found a report that same night, some spotted them in San Antonio Texas.
    Coincidence? Well, maybe but this is NOT an everyday event to be called coincidence.

  4. I will also verify that I see 1-3 UFO's every night when I do stay out side 1-2 hours looking upward toward the sky. We havs as a group watched 2 Fireballs headed toward the ground and before thay hit they turned into a white bright light and began to move horizonatlly, then back to original position and flew away East of our position. Others are a bright light type UFO which can be seen by anyone nightly.
    What started me doing this is every night we have Fighter jets come back to land after practice maneuvers from Monday - Thursday. While waiting for them to approach I would start spotting UFO's in the sky. After many hours of doing this, it got easier to spot UFO's from high altitude commercial jets overhead

  5. my husband and myself saw an the exact same thing last night (new years eve 12-31-12) in Ronceverte, WV!!!!!!!!! wow i cant believe this!

  6. I live in toronto last night january 1 2013 about 1 am in the morning i was getting some air on the balcony when at first i saw a red light coming from the downtown area of toronto at first i thought it was a plane then the light turned left and headed my way east
    Im on the seventh floor as it passed a straight line in front of me i got a real good look at it
    it was white in the center as the light moved outward it gradually changed to orange and orange to a red glow there was also a pattern within the light it also had the most awesome glow to it unlike any other light i have ever seen before wow!!!!!!!!!!! i just stopped my jaw droped and i was in awe like i have never been before
    The light seemed to move slow and effortlessly and without a sound totally silent but some how the light was covering lots of ground and moving away quickly that part i really dont get how something can appear to be moving slowly but still moving out of your vision quickly
    As the light passed in front of me and away turning right now heading over lake ontario on a south east heading towards the united states it still seemed to be going slow but it began a steady climb upward maybe a 45 degree angle upward it begain to dim out on me untill it was just a little twinkle in the sky like a star and then nothing gone from my vision
    The whole sighting was about a minute and a half from start to finish
    All i can say is that i have always been a believer but im also a skeptic because im a need definitive proof kind of person and as far as im concerned now i have it thanks for listening
    PS if you get any other kind of news on the sighting i described from last night could you maybe tell me i have been looking around the internet tv news to see if anyone else saw it last night it would really help me a lot to know im not the only one who saw that last night thanks

  7. Saturday night 4/7/2013. It was around 9:12pm at night > I was driving home on I-50 west bound. Around power Inn exit not quite to Sacramento State 65th Street exit. I notice a egg shaped/ circle hoovering slowly in the sky. It had a light yellow smaller light within the red glowing area. I wanted to watch it longer, but as I was driving I could only see it in my view for about 30 seconds.

  8. Any explanation yet? Witnessed this in Virginia about a month ago over Richmond heading east towards the coast. My first thought was military helo's, but they were 100% silent. Roughly 10 of em. Same altitude and flight path. Orange glowing orb-like balls, almost mimicking fire.

  9. Just witnessed same here in Barrie Ontario, Friday Aug 02, 2013 around 10:00pm. They appeared to be over Mapleview Drive area, east of Yonge street. My Husband was outside and called me out to see 5 large glowing red, orange lights travelling North through the sky, they followed the same path, then turned East and came lower until we could no longer see them above the trees in our backyard. Never seen anything like it before. They were not planes, no flashing light or no sound.

    1. We (8 people) saw EXACTLY the same thing, only just 2 very large orange orbs fly across the night sky on August 2nd, 2013 from our cottage NE of Peterborough. Silent and maintaining an exact distance between them as they moved across the sky and disappeared behind the tree line. We think it might be military exercises. But how do you explain the silence? Drones?

  10. Just saw two orange orbs that seemed to "drop" quietly in the sky and then head northwest in the sky till they disappeared. Approximately 5 minutes after they disappeared another 2 orbs appeared and moved in the same direction quickly followed by one more. No quick a movement and very bright orange. Not flashing...just an orange orb.

  11. Was on the balcony having a cigarette at 3:50am (Oct 13th) and spotted a bright orange light headed for my apartment. I'm in downtown Toronto, Jarvis & Wellesley Sts. & face south (towards Lake Ontario). I ran inside to get my glasses and when I came out I could actually see a faint smoke trail behind it. To the west was somewhat overcast, south and east is completely clear. I was starting to get a little uneasy as I thought "this thing is headed toward my building" and a few minutes later it disappeared below the horizon. I immediately noticed another to the east (roughly towards Rochester) and then another. In a 20 minute period I saw six of them, they all looked the same and all eventually either disappeared because they were finally very low, or in one case slowly got darker and burned out. I've never seen anything like this before! What is this?