Saturday, February 21, 2015

UFO Dream - Found Myself And Husband In Their Space Ship (Letter And Diagram)

From Brian Vike’s UFO Files.

December 26, 1993

Norm and I are walking, talking, it’s a dark clear night. We are walking along the road our house is on in Sutton. We are just about to Stewarts’s house, when I look up and see a huge craft hovering over the trees, it moves, tilts and it’s very low.

It moves out of sight, it comes back, then gone and then back again.

I wonder if it has seen us. When it disappears I beg it to come back, I am very exited.

It lands, a gorgeous girl comes to meet us, she has lovely skin, high cheek bones.

There are others there, some crew, some humans. They seem numb, like zombies. There is a gang plank, like a narrow trough, with white tubes, or pipes or pipes laying in it.

One of the crew, a handsome lad is standing holding one of the tubes. I wonder how I will manage the plank, when suddenly I am sort of drawn up it and am standing in the ship.

The other humans are frightened , Norm too, but no one is saying anything. We sit on a double seat thing that seems to be floating and away we go.

Next thing we are having a tour of the ship, there are male and female crew members working. We are walking in a narrow passage way, with rooms off both sides that are very colorful and bright.

One calls to me, a name, not Mary, says she is “glad to see me again”.

Norm and I are at the end of the line, I turn and he is not there. I start back to find him, then I see him coming around a corner.

He has something in his hand, he looks very old, someone calls him my “father”, they are helping him walk.

They say they will be back. I run back to the girl and hug her and say, “I love you”.

When I get back to my car, I am anxious to see what they left me, I found a book in the trunk with writing on it.

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