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Military Personal Report UFOs Over Cannon AFB

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Posted by Brian Vike.

Military Guard With Canine Observe UFO Over The Canon AFB Clovis Mexico (Jets Scrambled)

Date: 1970’s
 Time: Approx: 3:00 a.m.

A Vike Factor Note: Over the years I have received a number of excellent UFO sighting reports that have taken place over the Canon AFB Clovis Mexico. I have been working on these reports and hoping others who served at the AFB would contact me if they have any knowledge of UFO sightings over the base. Please remember, your personal information is kept private. Thank you, Brian.

Hi Brian, saw your website. My name is (name removed) AFB, Canon AFB Clovis Mexico. I would like to tell you of my encounter with a UFO, My Serial # was (removed), which you can check from record book on the apswho. I was walking the tarmac guarding F-100 Sabre Jets. Let me explain at this time my encounter, it was about 3:00 a.m. I was walking with my canine, a shepherd called Olex, when I looked into the night sky and saw a bright dot. The object I saw was moving radically left to right up and down and this is something I've never seen before.

 I kept staring at it and couldn't believe what I saw. The object moved so radically that I called base command. Base command sent four Sabre Jets for what I explained to them. As the jets took off, I saw the object moving faster and more radically. When the jets came back the crews of the Jets shook their heads and said we couldn't get it.

 One captain told me they saw it and it was gone in a flash still shaking their heads. So I guess Brian, there are really UFO's? I just wanted to tell you this because I know in the real world we don’t identify other sources of life, but this was an encounter that I have to tell you before my days our ended. Thank you for what your doing and maybe people will look more at night into the sky and see the real happening. Thank you.


UFO - Airman Assigned To The 27th Tactical Air Command At Cannon AFB

The Vike Factor Note: The report below is new one to a growing list of incidents that took place at the Cannon AFB, in NM. With so many servicemen who have filed reports of unknown objects over the base, it certainly has become clear that the Cannon AFB was a location for many UFO sightings. I would like to ask if any other folks have information about the UFO incidents that took place at the Cannon AFB, would you please contact Brian Vike at: Thank you and please note that your privacy is respected. Also there is going to be a audio interview added to this report shortly.

Brian, Per our phone conversation, this is the "sanitized" and completed events of June, 1975 at Cannon AFB, NM:

Let me go ahead and lay my experience out for you.

I was an Airman, assigned to the 27th Tactical Air Command at Cannon AFB and I worked the swing shift on the flight line. It was a Friday night and as usual, I checked the ops board for sorties. F111-Ds had a nasty habit of landing broke more often than not and on Friday nights, that meant swing shift stayed late to fix any "red x" entries in the A/C maintenance log. I was relieved to note that nothing was scheduled and so I only needed to finish my shift and start the weekend.

At around 10:00 p.m., I heard the afterburners of F111s taking off. Thinking they could be from another base, I ran outside to see. Our base identifier, "CC", was on the vertical stabilizers of the two F111-Ds that were taking off in combat formation - two staggered abreast and simultaneous. I had never seen our birds take off like that - it was simply not done.

I approached our dispatcher and told him we had just launched two. We were both upset because we weren't supposed to have any training sorties that night and nobody wanted to stay late on a Friday. He called Ops and they told him it was a hot scramble after bogeys over the base that the radar shack was tracking. I found out later that MMS (Munitions Maintenance Squadron) loaded the F111's with live air-to-air ordinance. I also heard that it wasn't the first scramble during this time frame, but I personally was not witness to any others.

The dispatcher happened to be friends with the radar operator on duty, so we called the radar shack and put him up on the external speaker. The (veteran) radar operator was totally flummoxed. He was tracking "two or three" bogeys making impossible aerial maneuvers at impossible speeds - at least 3,000 MPH - disappearing and re-appearing. He checked and double-checked his gear and it was fine - no malfunction (he was tracking our F111's fine). I jotted down the phone number to the radar shack and stuck it in my fatigue shirt pocket.

The two A/C landed about 45 minutes later, no ordinance expended and they were in good order - no late night work for me. I heard later that the pilots were not debriefed in the normal manner. I left the shop for the Airman's Club, socialized over a pitcher of beer and played some foosball. I made it back to the barracks at about 2:00AM. Seeing the phone on the CQ's desk, I decided to call the radar site - it was a small portable building out in the middle of a field. I was curious and wanted an update on the bogey situation.

The phone at the other end was answered by a "Capt. Kowalski". (A captain in the radar shack at 2:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, no way! was what I thought.) I asked for the radar operator by name and the Capt.. stated that he was not there. His voice was loud and threatening. As a young airman, I was truly frightened by his aggressiveness and almost hung up.

To cut to the chase, Capt. K. interrogated me for some time about who I was, why I was calling and so forth. During that time, a few things became clear to me:

1. He was definitely not USAF. He used terms such as "serial number" and "CO" which were common to other branches of the armed forces, but not used by USAF personnel. Whoever he was and whomever he worked for, his cover was blown.

2. He may not have even been military. He swore - no curse words excepted - with every sentence, lost his temper constantly, or appeared to for effect, and sounded more like a street thug than an "officer and a gentleman". To use a military phrase, he had no "military bearing". Having been raised in a military family, military bearing is not something one comes by naturally, nor is it easily relinquished.

3. I probably should never have called for that update!

Capt. K told me the incident never happened. When I refuted him, by saying I had watched the aircraft scramble and spoke with the radar operator, he stated that I was either insane or on drugs. His voice was constantly at a yelling volume and his demeanor, highly intimidating. He stated that "we can do things to you that make Leavenworth (max-security federal penitentiary) look like a picnic". Capt. K. told me they would be watching me and that I was never to mention this "non-event" to anyone. He also stated, "it's a big desert out there - people get lost all the time". I got the point.

In the ensuing days, I attempted to locate this Capt. Kowalski, entertaining the notion of bringing him up on charges of "behavior unbecoming an officer". He simply did not exist anywhere on base. I contacted the Communications Squadron who runs the radar shack to see if they know who this Capt.. was. I was surprised when I discovered that the radar operator had suddenly gotten orders to a "classified location".... nobody knew where he went and none of his friends knew about any pending orders. Imho, he was conveniently disappeared.

I have provided the details of this event to The Disclosure Project. They in turn asked if I would be willing to travel to Washington D.C. and testify before Congress to that effect. My answer to them was and still is, "affirmative".


UFOs At Cannon AFB And Sheppard AFB Military Personal Observe Objects

Hi Brian, I was based at Cannon AFB, New Mexico in 1975/76 when there were a rash of UFO sightings at the base. I can only describe one, and I believe it was a weather balloon. (You may be more interested in my second story). It was a summer afternoon on a weekend. There had been a lot of talk about UFO's around the base. Someone came running into our barracks shouting there was a UFO in the sky directly over the base. As you can expect, everyone ran outside to see. I remember running outside and noticing several hundred soldiers around my barracks and the other barracks in my area looking up at it. It was extremely high and appeared to be silver. It seemed to slowly change shape and after watching it for several minutes you could tell it was moving slowly west to east. Some of the senior soldiers said it was a weather balloon but there was a large group that insisted it was a UFO. I watched it for about 15 minutes and it never did anything unusual that a UFO might do. I believe it was a balloon.

But, I did see a UFO around January, 1975, actually two of them, at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX. I was with two other soldiers and it was about 1:00 in the morning. (No, we were not drunk and not on anything). We were returning to the base in a pick-up truck. The sky was completely overcast with a ceiling around 3,000 to 4,000 feet. While driving east, we noticed two white lights about 2,000 feet AGL (above ground level) a couple of miles ahead of us traveling east north east. Both were making a gradual left turn in front of us. Each light was about as bright as a car headlight. The first light was flying along at about 200 knots leading the second light by a 1/4 mile or so when we first saw them.

The trailing light was traveling approximately twice as fast as the first light. They were in level flight. No strobes or beacons, just two white lights. We were watching the planes, which is what we thought they were, and talking about them. As the trailing light caught up to the first, everything happened almost instantly. They were no longer two lights, just one about the same brightness as before the other one had joined it. As soon as the second light caught up to the first, the light shot straight up threw the clouds at mach ? I'm just guessing at the speed because I have no experience with flying things that can turn and accelerate this fast. I've seen tracer bullets fired from powerful military weapons, and this thing went from level flight to faster than a tracer bullet, straight up. I have no doubt it was a UFO. Whatever that means.

(Name removed) USAF Veteran 1974-1979


Cannon Air Force Base Security Police Watch Numerous UFOs

Date: July 1976

Brian Vike’s Note: The Cannon AFB sighting report below came in through my submissions feed, the person reporting this event is anonymous and I have no way of writing back to this person. I certainly would like to chat to the witness over this event if he would be kind enough to drop me a line to Brian Vike, at Also again I would like to request that any servicemen at the Cannon AFB who witnessed these unusual events to please come forward with a detailed report, or possible footage or photos which were taken this evening as explained in the report below.

July 1976 at Cannon Air Force Base

The following events occurred 30 years ago. The exacts details have become a little fuzzy, after all I haven't thought about this stuff for 3 decades.

I arrived at Cannon Air Force Base in November of 1975. I remember the night because there was about an inch of snow on the ground and the next morning it was in the 70's. It's true what they say about desert weather. LOL.

I was a member of the 27th SPS (Security Police) and the only event that I can recall happening during January of 1976 was some talk of a plane crash that was supposed to happen, but everyone had different stories with different facts, so I passed them off as fairy-tales. But early July 1976 is a different story.

I was working Security and we were on rotating shifts, something like 3 days on days then 2 off, 3 days on afternoons and 2 off, then 3 days on nights then 2 off. Anyways, it was my last day on nights and I was on patrol with another Airman and we were back by the Portales Gate (a remote gate that basic lead to the town of Portales, hence the name) when my partner pointed at something in the sky and asked, "what the hell is that".

I saw a light in the sky that appeared to be hovering maybe a couple hundred feet above the ground, just outside the base. We pulled over to the side of the road and observed it for a few minutes. It was blue on top, white in the middle and green on the bottom. We finally called dispatched and asked them if they could contact Flight Tower to see if they had any planes flying.

The response was that they did not have anything in the air. It was about then that our dispatch got a call from the Clovis Police and said that they could see some strange lights over the south side of our base. They asked if we had anything in the air. The radio then came alive with other reports all saying the same thing, the light were being seen by others. The Flight Tower was contacted and their radar showed nothing in the sky.

We told dispatch how close we were to the light, and soon 2 other patrols were parked along side us watching it. One of them decided to drive towards the light and we kept in contact with them, to direct him, but as we gave directions and he got directly under the light it could not be seen.

Suddenly the light just seemed to vanish, gone in a blink of an eye. It did not fly away, it just disappeared.

The next night I was sleeping and it was approximately 2:00 a.m. when I heard a commotion coming from the hallway of my barracks. I got dressed and followed everyone outside to see what was going on. In the skies above us were approx: 12 lights that made a perfect circle around the base. Each one was the exact same distance from the other, so I knew that this could not be by accident. I wondered if it could be related to the events I witnessed a few nights before. We watched the lights for about an hour or so and then it was as if someone had turned off the power to them, they went off one at a time in a circular manner.

The next night, I could not fall asleep so I went outside to take a walk around, hoping that would make me tired. As I was walking I found myself looking up at the sky and the next thing I saw was a single light appear, then another and another until all 12 lights had come back on like the night before. I noted the time and it was the exact time as the night before.

I ran back to my barracks, where the entire squad had assembled and several people had movie cameras and were filming the sky. As they did the night before, and at the same time, they went off one at a time, just like they had come on.

I eagerly waited the next night for the lights to appear, but they never returned.

The next month in one of the "men" magazines that were being sold at the time (I think it was (removed) magazine) had interviewed the base commander for an article about the lights. So if you want to read up on this, look for a back issue of (removed) magazine dated August or later of 1976.


Cannon, AFB - UFOs, Burned Circles And Cow Found Mutilated

Date: January 1976

Brian Vike’s Note: This report is one of a few sighting reports I have received from ex-military serviceman who worked out of the Cannon AFB. All the men filed reports on seeing numerous unknown objects over the AFB back in January 1976.

I have a list of military people who operated out of the Cannon AFB and I am writing to each and everyone of them in hopes they might be able to shed some more light on this major event. If possible that is.

Brian Vike has set up an telephone interview time with this gentleman who filed this report below. Actually I will be doing the interview today. Later this month when I appear for my regular guest spot of the Jeff Rense radio program, I will be bringing this gentleman with me so he can relate his story to us all, and it is going to be an amazing conversation.

Lastly, and very important, I am looking for other military service men and women who were at the Cannon AFB who has any knowledge of the UFO events that took place at the base in 1976, would you be so kind as to contact me with any information on the sightings. Always, please keep in mind I will hold your personal information here, and I will not release it to anyone.

Also if any other military folks who have had an encounter with something unexplainable over or around a military base, would you be so kind as to contact me with the information. Brian Vike can be contacted at:

Hello, my name is (removed). I just watched a Sci-Fi program on the 1947 Roswell NM UFO crash and got to researching an incident I witnessed at Cannon AFB in January 1976. In my search I ran across your article

I was working the Security Police Desk that night at Cannon and was the one that called the report into Base Operations. A few days later I also spoke with an individual from Washington DC. I don't recall his name or department.

The first report was from Sgt Whitt, who was stationed on the outer perimeter of the flight-line. After that, several reports came in from Base Patrols. I talked someone into handling the Desk for me so I could have a peek.

I was allowed into the flight tower and looked at the objects (about a dozen or so) through a Starlight Scope. Flight Ops was concerned enough to scramble 2 F-11's to give chase. Around midnight several of us went up onto the highway overpass and cut the overpass lights for a better view. We watched them until almost dawn.

About that time there were also several burned areas in farmer's fields surrounding the Air Base. I saw two of the circles. The burned circles were approximately 30 feet across and had a dead cow in the center. All the flesh was burned from the cow, but no blood was on the ground or apparently in the cow. Some of the cows had neat, clean burned out cavities in the abdomen about a foot in diameter, and a foot or so deep.


Munitions OIC From Cannon AFB Reports Fighters From Another Base

Brian, I too was at Cannon AFB during the UFO sightings in January 1976. In fact I was the 3rd shift Munitions OIC. Two of my Senior NCOs and I witnessed the unexplained lights in the sky from the EOR. However, in your Special Report you state that F-111s from Cannon were scrambled to check out the lights.

That did not happen. If planes had been scrambled, I and my NCOs would have been aware of the launch. I do however believe that fighters from another nearby base were scrambled during the multi-night sightings. We noticed fighter silhouettes flying over the base during these nights.



Clovis, New Mexico Sighting - Related To The Cannon AFB Sightings

Date: January 1976 Time: Evening

Brian Vike’s Note: Reports from Clovis, New Mexico have been coming in from a number of different people. I am waiting on a detailed description of a "burn spot" in the open field that yielded a strangely shaped piece of metal (very light and strong) that was confiscated by authorities. The witness also saw the tracks of pads in the field that were immediately covered over and he was interrogated by authorities (not local) during the event and much, much more coming. Also I will be posting the black and white photo of a UFO taken over the Cannon AFB tomorrow.

A gentleman called me from Clovis, New Mexico on Sunday June 18, 2006 (Father's day). Since I was out at the time the call came in, my daughter took the fellows name and phone number and told him I would call Monday, June 19, 2006.

I did telephone the man on Monday, June 19, 2006 and had a wonderful conversation with him, plus took an amazing report over what he and a close friend of his saw that night. The fellow also gave me the name of his buddy and another name of someone else who was witness to strange events that night also. I should point out that he also knew of others who saw the unusual objects over the two nights back in January of 1976. The fellow called after reading the Clovis News Journal as they carried a large article on the events that took place over the Cannon AFB in New Mexico.

The witness and his friend were out hunting coyotes just south (some 6 or 7 miles) of Clovis, New Mexico on a dirt road.

As they drove down the dirt road they both observed a light low over the horizon. Wondering what it was, as it appeared to look out of the norm, they decided to investigate. They knew there wasn't any bright stars that close to the horizon at least at this time of the year and at that time. As they watched, the light did not move and again the gentleman impressed upon me that what ever this light was, "it was low"!

Eventually they started traveling towards the light and finally got positioned right underneath it. The witness said it was a blue/green blinking light. They both were so fascinated by what they were seeing above them, and the light sitting stationary above at approximately 300 yards they got out of the truck. The object was not making a sound, he said, it was dead quite! There wasn't even a breeze that evening and they estimated they sat underneath the object for approximately 5 minutes.

Since the men both had rifles with them, the witness I talked with grabbed his 30-06 rifle and took a shot at the object and believes he put a round into it. As soon as the fellow fired and the impact of the shell struck the craft it immediately started to move straight north. They both jumped back into the truck and started to head north towards Clovis following the object.

The driver got the truck up to it's top speed which was running at 120 miles per hour and the object was pulling away from the two men in their truck. He said is was moving alot faster than they were able to travel. They estimated it had to be traveling at 200 miles an hour or better. The object changed it's direction of travel by turning in a slight curve and it was now heading in the direction towards Texico, New, Mexico. As they still were traveling at a high rate of speed along the dirt road they said they could see the highway which was approximately two miles away from them, and it, it meaning the object.

Still keeping their eyes peeled on this strange light/craft, they saw a local Sheriff traveling along the highway east towards Texico from Clovis in his squad car, with the car's emergency lights flashing. The men figured the Sheriff was from either Texico or Farwell, New, Mexico. As they watched the object it shone a bright light down onto the Sheriff's squad car, completely flooding the squad car with light, then the object shot straight up at an incredible rate of speed and disappeared.

It just shot up into space and it was gone!

He told me he sat by quietly because he figured it might have been a military aircraft and he just put a bullet into the thing, not wanting to get into any trouble over shooting it. Also he mentioned after he saw the object doing all these strange maneuvers he was glad he placed a bullet into it.

He also told me that they watched the lights on the first night they were being reported in the area with his cousin, and the lights moved erratically all over the night sky. So once again this shows that these unusual lights were around for two nights like everyone has been reporting.

The witness also mentioned that he spoke to another man who taught at the Clovis Community College (name was given) and he watched the object/lights travel right behind the man's property which was north of Clovis. This fellow reported that the object was long/cigar in shape.

Brian Vike (Retired)
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.


The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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