Wednesday, September 18, 2013

UFO Filmed Over Niagara Falls ? (Pictures)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

The person who took this photo at Niagara Falls does not believe he captured anything, basically because in two subsequent photos taken right after this image, there's nothing there.

However, there is enough data present on this high resolution image to examine which suggests something was indeed there... at the least for that moment when this picture was snapped.

In the photo a distant monument of recognizable shape is visible giving us an excellent item to zoom in on with the same factor as we do the UFO.

This allows for a unique comparison of clarity in this high resolution digital image to determine how much distortion is taking place with the UFO in the image.

It would appear that the spire-like monument in the distance is considerably farther away than the UFO is from the photographer, else the UFO is gargantuan, which is unlikely.

This is clearly not a bird or a plane and has a distinct disc shape with corresponding shadow and highlight with the rest of the photo. There is no evidence of digital tampering whatsoever. There also appears to be little or no motion distortion.

Note: Quite a few people have emailed to suggest that what the photographer caught was a blimp.

Unfortunately, that can't be as we have two subsequent shots taken just seconds after this one and there is no object visible at all. It would take a blimp some time to cruise out of sight.

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