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Cylinder Of Light Seen Over North East Ohio In Geauga County (Diagram/Map)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Date: 1959 or 1960
Time: Evening.

Message: Hi Mr. Vike, I received the Filer Files from the ufomig group. After clicking Filers #4 I scrolled down and came to the article I believe you supplied. It was the Large cylinder of light seen in Maryland. I had an experience in 1959 or 1960. I lived in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio and was on a double date going to a rock and roll party at an amusement park called Geauga Lake Park.

This is located in North East Ohio in Geauga County. The place was packed and they waved us by. We went to the end of the road and came back going in a North West direction. When we reach about a quarter of a mile from the entrance, a bright column of light appeared on the South side of the road in an open area of scrub brush and grass. There was a narrow creek running through the center of the circle of light.

The diameter was about 100 to 150 feet and the height about 400 to 500 feet. You could see the clouds going by where the light shined on them. There was some static sparks coming off the sides of the column. The night was pitch black and there were no street lights. The edge of the light was 100 to 150 feet away from me.The two girls that were in the car went crazy with fear, thinking the world was coming to an end.

My date wouldn't let me walk over to get under the light. After 20 or so minutes, the light just blinked off. The Cleveland Press, (local paper) said "hundreds of people seen the Aurora Borealis last night at Geauge Lake Park". I was there and it certainly was no Aurora sitting a hundred feet from me.

I did report this to mufon, but only 48 or 49 years late. Is this the first time any one has seen something like this? I've been looking for more sightings as this one, but no one seems to know anything about them. Thanks for your time.

Additional Information:

High Brian, I just listened to your show with Chris the fellow from Maryland. It seems his light was much, much larger in diameter than the one I saw in '59 or '60. Do you think people will want to here about it even if it's almost 50 years ago? As I was thinking back, the diameter could have been a little larger than 150 feet., but not a mile like Chris said. Also my sighting lasted for at least 20 minutes or more.

I've had 4 other sighting besides the light. If you like I could tell you about them. The span of sightings covers fifty yrs. The first was when the Russians sent Sputnik up, I believe that was 1958, and the last sighting was June 30 2007. The light was my 2nd sighting, and lasted the longest.

Image Left: Map and diagram the eyewitness put together for the report.

Hi Mr. Vike, I Googled the area where I was when I seen the cylinder of light. I also sketched about what I saw. I'm not a very good artist, as you can see, it is not to scale. I'm sending this so you can get a good idea of what I'm talking about and what it looked like.

I can still picture the event as though it was yesterday. The owners of the Park closed it down after many years. As you can see, there are a lot of houses around the area. Back then it was nothing but a rural area with not much on Ohio state route 43.

The area with the white circle represents where the cylinder of light was. It was a swampy area back then and still looks to be the same, except for the housing area. I am waiting for your e-mail to fix a time for your call. I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

Thank you so much to this eyewitness for a truly amazing report, I will be calling the witness and doing an interview for the Vike Report radio show. I called today but the gentleman was out.

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