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Ball Lightning Shocks Witnesses At Kispiox British Columbia (News Scanned Article And Brian Vike's Audio Interview)

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by Thom Barker Kispiox/Interior News.

Date of article - August 29, 2007

Several Kispiox residents may have witnessed a rare phenomenon of nature during the wind and lightning storm that rolled through the area on August 12, 2007.

"We noticed this huge white ball, about five feet around," said Pam Barnes.

"It was exuding power like crazy and moving around. I didn't know what it was. I was stunned. I saw it moving over the rooftops and it didn't seem to have any sense of gravity, like a balloon almost."

Then, in a flash it was gone. The whole incident lasted between 10 and 15 seconds, she said.

"It was brighter than the moon," said C.C. Barnes, Pam's four-year old son.

David Jones, a meteorologist with Environment Canada in B.C. said the sighting is consistent with ball lightning.

Left Image: I scanned in the newspaper article over the Ball Lightning sighting.

"We get the odd report of ball lightning," he said.

"It's a very rare phenomenon. Maybe a once in-a-lifetime experience if you're lucky."

Sightings are so rare, in fact that despite nearly 200 years of scientific investigation, researchers are still divided on its exact nature.

Last year, two Brazilian researchers conducted an experiment that supports the theory. Using electrodes to shock silica wafers they were able to create orbs of electricity that mimicked the behavior of natural ball lightning.


Below is the interview Brian Vike did with the eyewitness.

Brian Vike's Note: My son had heard about the sighting of Ball Lightning in Kispiox, British Columbia from a newspaper story reporter Thom Barker wrote. I checked out the story which had the ladies name in the article, looked in our local phone book and found her telephone number and gave her a call.

She was a very pleasant lady and she provided me a description of what it was she saw, which turned out to be a rare sighting of ball lightning. Below is a link to an audio interview I had with the lady.

Listen into the conversation about the Ball Lightning -

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