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UFO Looked Like A Giant Spider Seen Between Prince Albert And Duck Lake Saskatchewan (Video/Picture)

 Date:  August 30, 2013
Time:  Just past midnight.

Brian Vike’s Note: I have sent the sighting report along to a colleague for investigation. I am posting the report in case others saw this and if so, would you write so I can forward any and all information along to my colleague and the eyewitness. Contact is Brian Vike at:

On Thursday night just after midnight on August 29, 2013 (technically Aug 30, 2013), myself and my two sons were driving on highway #11 southbound and saw this somewhere between Prince Albert and Duck Lake Saskatchewan.

My son’s IPhone shows the exact location of where he took the photos which I can submit if requested. I saw this red/orange light in the sky about 10 KM before I stopped. I pulled over and stopped and this thing was about 300 meters if that off the road and maybe 300 meters in the air.

I shot the video with my blackberry Z10 and one of my sons took the picture with his IPhone and that picture was in full zoom. My video was better than his so we used it.

This thing was very large, but not entirely sure how big exactly and looked like a big metal spider. I did zoom in and out with my phone just to put in perspective about how far away it was. We could see it better than the picture with the naked eye.

The video didn’t show that there was a spotlight pointing down towards the ground but it wasn’t very powerful. I also recall a sort of beacon type light on it but that too doesn’t show up in the video. This thing didn’t make a noise and seemed to be hovering there and didn’t seem to move while we were there. In total, we were there approximately 3 minutes.

The video is edited for size because the file is too big to send by email but I took two. 

One was 15 seconds and the other 38 seconds. 

The video doesn’t show the detail that the picture shows. One vehicle passed us but didn’t stop.

When we left, which I still don’t know why I did, maybe because one of my sons was, to put it mildly not very impressed with what he was seeing, maybe me too. 

Oncoming traffic on the divided highway started coming once we were about 2 miles away so they would have seen it also.

To date I have not been able to find any other report on the internet. I’m at a loss as to what it was and hope that someone can figure out based on the zooms of the cameras just how big it was and more importantly, what it was.

Brian Vike Note: I also posted the video clip on YouTube:

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