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Huge Massive UFO Floated Up The Ottawa River Strathcona Park Ontario (Letter/Diagrams)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files)

Dear Brian, Hello from (name removed) who sent me your name and address and indication that you would be interested in my story of craft hovering over the water on evening of March 7, 2001. So I thought, why not. This is what I recall.

I am already outside, down at the water’s edge at Strathcona Park. This park is less than a mile from where I live. In Ottawa, Ontario.

 The water is part of the Ottawa River, which runs right through the city of Ottawa, in the south end where I live.

Anyway, I recall standing at the waters edge in the late evening, it’s already dark out. I don’t recall seeing anyone else near by. From my left, I recall hearing a low rumbling noise, noise came very slowly in my direction, following the course of the water.

I recall seeing a “huge” craft about the size of 1/2 football field approximately in size. It was “floating” about 1,000 feet up in the air, grey in colour, “floating very slowly, almost silent except for this very low rumbling noise.

There appeared to be lots of small windows on the top section. I remember I was feeling very much in awe, and very impressed by the huge, massive size.

 I wasn’t scarred at all. I knew I was safe, I knew I wouldn’t get hurt or harmed in anyway by this craft. In total, I watched it for about 10 minutes. I don’t recall whether it just vanished or kept floating past until it was out of sight or what, but my last recollection is of me looking up into the sky and seeing this huge craft and feeling safe and impressed by the massive size.

If I close my eyes I can still picture the craft in vivid detail in my mind’s eye. I have tried to sketch it for you, but my attempt doesn’t really do the actual craft proper justice.

I did have something else to tell you concerning this craft. A male friend of mine met up with me the following day or so later. Like myself, my friend is also very much interested in UFO material. I told him of my experience of the evening of March 7, 2001. As I was telling him, his very eager manor indicated he had something to tell me.

He had been, about one hour after dark, on the evening of March 7, 2001, on Cummings bridge, which spans the Ottawa river. Now Cummings bridge is about one mile up river., to my left.

He said he was standing on the bridge, used by cars and pedestrians alike. He said he saw lights flashing in the sky directly above the water about a few hundred feet in the air. There was still a lot of ice on the water. These lights were flashing and moving down river very slowly. (they would have been moving in my direction)

My friend watched the lights slowly move down river until they disappeared. He didn’t follow them, he says now he wishes he had. He said he went back to the same spot on the bridge in the morning light and noticed that the ice had been broken up directly down the middle of the river, and as if it had been cut by a knife.

Not unusual in ice breakup with chunks floating willy-hilly about, but a very exact straight cut through the ice straight down the course of the river. Probably the same path the lights had taken.

My friend and I surmise we witnessed the same craft., he from the bridge, me an hour or so later at the water’s edge.

I remember thinking a few days after this sighting, that I was “supposed” to be at the water’s edge that evening. This is something I don’t generally do, go down to the water at night alone, because this is an unlit area.

It is totally dark down there at the water’s edge. I generally only go down there during the day so I can see where I am going and not fall in the water.

My friend did ask me what kind of craft I thought it might be. “Mother ship” immediately came to mind. I had the felling I was “supposed” to witness this craft and also, and this might sound crazy, but it’s how I felt and still do feel.

I have a feeling they knew I was witnessing their craft and it isn’t the last time. This is only the beginning and that’s ok with me.

Also several weeks later I was on my balcony, on the second floor apartment, on a clear blue sky day when I saw for maybe 2 to 3 seconds at eye level, I am standing up, I’m just over 6 feet tall, about half way between my building and Strathcona Park area, a craft heading towards me, yellow in color.

 I have also included a sketch of this craft. This would have been about the first or second week in April. Perhaps a bit earlier.

So there you have it. I do hope this information is useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks Brian.

P.S. – Brian, if you do publish this story, please publish it under the name Johanna. Thanks Brian.

Below Images: I typed up the sighting report from the below letter. If you click on each page, it will come up in a much larger view so you can read the letter.

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