Sunday, September 29, 2013

UFO Or Bright Lights Spotted And Filmed Over Phoenix Arizona (Pictures/Video Footage)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Brian Vike’s Note: The clips Rob Kritkausky has been kind enough to provide for us all to view are really amazing. I would recommend everyone view the clips either on my site or at Rob's website.

Brian, the last time the president was in Phoenix (August 19, 2004 I believe) we happened to document, what some have described as, one of the more profound UFO videos of all times.

One would assume the arrival of the president would generate a higher level of attention and readiness for anything anomalous that might show up in our airspace.

Needles to say, when the president came to town a few days ago for the debate, we made sure that we kept our eyes open for anything unfamiliar.

On both the nights of October 13th and 14th, we did get some video of what was perceived to be a very large object traveling close to our location and at what time seemed to pass right overhead.

I know you had received a few similar reports, so I wanted to confirm the event by submitting another. I will update you shortly with some more information/footage on this event.

Video clips and pictures are copyright to Mr. Rob Kritkausky.

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