Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boomerang Shaped UFO Spotted In The Sky Over Sarnia Ontario

Date:  April 22, 2012
Time:  11:52 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of Objects: 4 lights.
Shape of Objects: Boomerang.
Full Description of Event/Sighting: My brother and I were on my front porch facing south near Confederation St., by the hydro lines between Modeland Rd. and Murphy Rd., the object flew extremely fast from the southeast to the northwest.
It made no sound as it flew over head, also it flew extremely low. I saw 4 lights, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. The object was hollow in the middle, as we could see the stars in between the lights.
It appeared as a boomerang shape. I saw the lights also had a glow towards each other, right front to right rear, separate from left front to left rear. I followed it's path for what I would say to be a distance of over 1 mile, when the lights disappeared, approximately near Highway 402.
They didn't fly behind anything, they just extinguished. The whole sighting would be about 8 seconds in length. Very freaky. My brother agrees and adds, he only viewed the first 3 of the 8 seconds, during which an orange glow was present and lights appeared fixed to one another with 1 in front and 2 on the left and the other further to the right which made the edges equal size.
Object comparable in size to stealth B2 bomber unless it was higher in altitude, in which case.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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  1. keep your eyes to the skys! mother told me that my brother called her the other night from fishing on the st.clair river, quit excited! he told her to look in the sky towards the south of sarnia. he said there was 6 or 9 lighted objects in the sky flying in zig zag patterns! she said this was around 11 pm she went outside to tell my other brother about the matter and two of the lights zipped by over head of them in the sky, i wish i had seen them! this weekend i'll be staying up and look up!

  2. i seen a object in the skies last nite over point edward it made no noise was traveling east to west at a high rate of speed and it appeared to be red on top with looked like fire burning or shooting out the bottom ; I thought maybe it was a hot air balloon but at 10 pm at night no hot air ballons are allowed to fly besides it was moving far to fast for an air balloon ; this about 10 ;15 pm on july12 2012 ; did anyone else see this

  3. I am 1 of the2 witnesses from event stated above. The 4 orange orbs in a boomerang shape, began as 1 motionless (orb)object, I thought it was an animals eyes reflecting from a tree(20ft in front of us) at roughly 11pm. I quickly pointed for my relative to look,and it had suddenly began heading straight over had bolted over our heads,from behind rooftops,revealing 3 more orbs in a widened 'v shape' or boomerang shape. This is the second ufo I've seen in sarnia,it was massive and silent.It appeared to be watching us,until I pointed at it. it "ran off like a scared animal", like a child caught stealing cookies.It was clearly under intelligent 1st ufo(2011 if I remember correctly),fri. june 3rd, 9pm-my friend and I, were caught off guard in a car on drive-when a "mirror like' ufo,cigar shaped, zipped over our heads,directly over confederation st. from Michigan area,much faster than any jets I've seen. This"silver surfer" was immediately followed by 2 fighter jets from Michigan(selfrige airforce base), with missles clearly visible on their wings(an F-16 and F-15)about 300ft from ground. The jets followed in a"zig-zag pattern" standered for aereal pursuit incase object changes course, but the F-15 broke pattern and was clearly heard speeding up, over our heads, to pursue the ufo.the ufo appeared to leave a "sputtering" smoke trail like 2donuts on 2ropes(mushroom like"puffs"). as the sun was setting in a bright pink color, the ufo as passing overhead,was aswell bright pink. it was a mirror reflection, as it zoomed towards darkness,north east of lake huron, it to faded to dark, we could no longer see it, but the jets were visible for several more minutes.we promptly pulled the car over to watch the whole event unfold. my friend says at the time "he's never seen a jet up close,like that before!"I sarcastically asked him" are we at war?"lol. but usa jets were clearly concerned. I live on the st.clair river in sarnia, and fully unmarked, blacked out, heli's have been seen flying so low, that houses from street to street conceal the heli's. they zoom in and out during snow thaw's in early spring. it appears they're from Michigan, but again, bare no markings of any kind, and I've even noticed pitch black tinted windows on 1 heli myself(heli appeared to be mh-53?) a big, blacked out, doors closed, heli, hard to hide,built for heavy lifting. I have now seen 4 ufo's in sarnia, each very different. 2blue orbs on my windows on 2nd floor apt!?! they appeared 'fixed' but, split and went separate directions upward. and the strangest of all... noonish-a 'white dash mark' very high altitude, appeared to have "beez's around a hive" activity, but as a massive storm approaches with a STRAIGHT line cut through the storm, the ufo appeared to be backing away from the storm, yet was'eyeballing' the odd 'clear spot' through the massive storm cloud. aswell the radar on weather news showed the 'straight line cut' through the massive storm system. I believe it's human's being human's. hiding lying and defying. I doubt it's aliens. rip 1997- the year I changed earth?... i'd like some answers please.