Thursday, April 26, 2012

Important Notice To Folks Visiting The Vike Factor And The Posting Of Sighting Reports

Posted: April 25, 2012

It seems that posting sighting reports has become a “very” slow process. It is no one’s fault, but I guess due to the amount of sighting reports there are on The Vike Factor, trying to post a report has become a major waiting game. In other words I could watch the grass grow faster.

This I believe due to the 5,566 sighting reports that are posted on the Vike Factor.

I did an experiment with one of my other blogs, and since it doesn’t have much in the way of reports on it, it really is quick to load up.

So I have decided to start another “The Factor Into The Paranormal”, and call it page 2, and will start posting all the posts there.

This way we can get reports posted much quicker and keep things updated as we do receive a ton of sightings.

So again, this Vike Factor has 5,566 reports posted to it: (So browse through them all)

We will carry on with a “new” Vike Factor Into The Paranormal with all new reports at:

Make sure you bookmark the new blog to view any and all new sighting reports.
Thank you.

Brian Vike
The Vike Factor.


  1. What a incredible number of sightings per mean average month.
    Let alone the new world's surprises in given name locations, dates, time and description.

    I would say soon.
    The Media should soon respond QUICKLY on this present development.
    Based on the numerous reports WORLDWIDE
    Added by photographic evidence.

    Higher Intelligence is knocking on the Monkey Man’s door today..

    PS I for one would like to thank you Brian Vike
    For surfacing the data obtained through your time and effort.
    That no other Canadian has achieved.
    Added to those sharing their reports

    Researchers do need this important data for statistics, patterns of this non-human presence.
    Good will hunting Sir *

  2. I keep seeing the strange green lights off the coast in Venice, California. I see them every night starting at 9pm.