Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aircraft Scrambled Over UFO Sighting At Lake Saint Claire Just Off Selfridge AFB Near Mt Clemens Michigan

Date:  Winter of 1966 - 1967
In 1965 it was common to see strange things flying around the radar dome up on the mountain. Often they did not show up on radar, but were visible just outside the dome itself.
Sometime in the Winter of 66-67 we had a couple of "things" flying over Lake Saint Claire just off Selfridge AFB, near Mt Clemens MI. They scrambled two F-106s and of course they caught nothing.
It is difficult when the other aircraft can suddenly accelerate to high speed and do and 90 degree turn at that speed.
The Air Force said it was swamp gas, and anyone who disagreed could stay in the base confinement (jail) until they realized they saw nothing. Like Sgt. Schultz on Hogan's heroes, I see nothing, nothing, nothing!
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  1. It is july 11 th 2012 and I have seen an orange flowing object in the sky every night for a week and planes flying after it shortly before it disappears