Monday, April 23, 2012

A Meteoroid The Size Of A Mini Van Explodes Over California

Space Weather News for April 23, 2012

Sierra Fireball Decoded: An explosion over California that rattled homes across at least two states on Sunday, April 22nd, has been analyzed by NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office: 
It was a natural meteoroid the size of a mini-van. Analysts say the space rock exploded in the atmosphere with an energy equal to nearly 4 kilotons of TNT and might have sprayed the Sierra Nevada mountains with meteorites. 
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Aurora Watch:  At the time this alert is being written on April  23rd, a minor geomagnetic storm is underway.
The storm is likely due to Earth's passage through the wake of a CME that swept past our planet earlier in the day.  Sign up for aurora alerts at (text) or (voice).

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