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Thunderous Sound/Triangle UFO Over Nambe Pueblo And Pojoaque Pueblo Santa Fe County New Mexico (Written Report/Audio Interview)

From Brian Vike’s UFO Files.

The Vike Report.

Date:  October 25, (?) 2005

Approach Direction: East.
Departure Direction: North then South.
Witness Direction: In home in bedroom.

Description: We heard a thundering noise as if some type of craft was flying low and was going to crash into our house.

I was in the military for close to 12 years and have been around jet air craft engines for many years. This craft made a sound like nothing else I have heard before.

We went outside to see if we could see anything. We just heard the noise as though the craft was close by and then far away.

I am the Governor of an Indian Reservation called Nambe Pueblo. We are a tribe of Tewa Native American Indians. I am aware of two other sightings in our Pueblo in recent times, since the late 1970's as well as paranormal activity affecting our tribal members.

I personally witnessed one UFO myself at the age of 10.

Back to yesterday, a few minutes later I received several calls from area tribal members from both my tribe and our sister tribe Pojoaque Pueblo indicating they had actually seen the craft.

Color/Shape: The craft according to those tribal members that called me, stated that it appeared to be triangular and circular in shape.

Had various colored lights and made a thundering sound, but not jet type engine sounds. Two individuals felt a feeling of euphoria after the very close encounter after the craft illuminated their home with lite blue light.

One individual in the home felt incredible fear.

Height and Speed: It was at least 20' off the ground and the size of a school bus.

TV/Radio/Press: I called to report the incident to channel 4 in Albuquerque New Mexico after getting several calls.

I also called the local police department in Pojoaque Pueblo. Their dispatch officer also confirmed hearing the low flying craft. He nor any of their officers indicated they did not see the craft, but mentioned receiving several calls as far north as Arroyo Seco which is about 10 miles northwest from our tribal village.

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Follow up was done by Brian Vike - The Vike Factor telephone interview.

In this interview, Brian Vike talked with Governor of the Reservation called Nambe Pueblo. He personally did not see the craft, but did hear the loud sound that it made and took calls from others living on the reservation and neighboring reservation who also heard the sound, but also witnessed the Triangular UFO/Craft. The size of this clip is 26.4 mbs and it is 19 minutes in length.

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