Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Silent Giant Solid Orange Ball Of Light Flew Over Cambridge Ontario

Date:  2014
Time:  Approximately 11:00 p.m.

Hi Brian, few months ago I had gone outside for a smoke, around 11:00 p.m. and had noticed a large solid orange globe flying low in the distance (west to east). It's not uncommon for there to be lights in the sky around here as I believe there is a flight path which runs over my part of Cambridge.

This was completely different. It was extremely low and seemed to be flying very slowly, at this point it was still a ways away. As it got closer (around two or three streets back) the sheer size of it was strange in its self, it was literally a giant ball of orange light.

There was no other flashing lights as there is with other craft having night time running lights. I got the girlfriend to come out side and take a look at it. Neither one of us could identify it.

As it flew over our house there was no sound at all. All the other planes that fly over our house you can usually hear prop or jet engines. This was completely silent. We watched the object for another 5 minutes or so as it continued to fly in a straight easterly path.

Within the light you could just barley make out a structure. I couldn't even speculate as to the structure of this craft as the light was so big and bright, (constant and non wavering) but you could just barely see something. That's about when we lost sight of it and we both went inside and talked about it for a bit.

It was about an hour/hour and a half later when I went back outside for another smoke and I noticed in the distance that the object was back. This time it seemed to be just hovering.

I opened the door and told the girlfriend it was back and closed the door. I then noticed that it was moving back and fourth in the night sky (North and South) it did this about a minute or two then I lost sight of it as the girlfriend came back outside.

Since that night I have not seen anything like that again.

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