Saturday, March 21, 2015

4 To 6 Glowing Orange Light In The Sky Over Rockford Illinois

Date:  2014
Time:  Evening.

Hi, my name is (name removed) I live in Rockford, Illinois just outside of Chicago.

My children were yelling aliens are coming, of course being like minded level headed people we assumed they were just misbehaving, but they were yelling and insistent. So I went outside to have a smoke and look around to my surprise. They were not kidding

When I looked up. I seen 4 to 6, glowing orange globes almost. They were staying solid, but also fading in and out randomly. There were traveling slowly.

They went a immense distances quickly. Make 90 to 190 degree turns when they wanted to. Sometimes in a line, sometimes in a formation and sometimes randomly

At one point the globes disappeared then came back. They were just unexplainable. I think we seen the same. We've looked online quite a few people in our general area got cell phone footage.

This was in summer 2014 when we seen them. When did you. Did you ever find out what's they were?

I don't think about it much, but whenever I look up in the sky, I'm wondering if I'm going to see them again.

Just wondered if you found out any explanation. If you could respond yes or no either way, I appreciate it Thanks.

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