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Saucer UFO/Odd Sound Southwest Position Above Strait Of Juan De Fuca Vancouver Island British Columbia

Date:  March 7, 2015
Time:  Approximately 7:30 p.m.

Hello Brian, I just did a Google search for some current information about a sighting we saw this evening, to see if anyone else saw it and reported it and I fell upon your page. Hence, here I am to share what we saw.

As it happened in sequence and detail.

Date and time of our sighting: March 7th, 2015. First sighted at approximately 7:30 p.m., fading from sight at approximately 8:40 p.m.

We live in Langford, British Columbia, but went to Victoria for dinner this evening. As we were driving back (my friend and I) I noticed a 'bigger than a star', but 'smaller than the moon' light high in the sky to the left of us just before we arrived at the cross section of Tillicum Road and the TC highway.

I followed it with my eye until we arrived home. I have a telescope, but I would have had to take it into the street for a good view, so my friend grabbed his binoculars, and we headed to the back yard.

I could see clearly even just with these 'binos' that it was not any star or planet, but a moving (bowl-like on one side, flat on the other) saucer object, flipping around that in one instance the flat side was to the right and instantly then to the left.

On the round side of this object, there were a lot of small white round shapes, like white lights that sparkled as the object revolved. It had gotten a lot closer for a good view since we had come home, but was now slowly descending below the treetops in the view from our back yard.

We shifted our positions and went to the front of the house and partly into the street. Our next door neighbours came out, curious as to what we were looking at.

We showed them and they both agreed it was something different. The lady then asked us if we had heard a train go by earlier. We said that we were out and just got home.

She said because we heard a train go by about an half an hour or three quarters of an hour ago, but we thought it was strange because there is no train running here!

So I thought (and then said) 'hmm, I wonder could it be this object' that flew by and created the sound?' We all pondered that possibility.

It was getting cold by now and the object had moved a bit more, so we went to our computer rooms in the loft for a clearer view.

We quickly took the screen out, poked our heads out the window and (with 'binos' to eyes) there it was in a very clear image, again even closer. It was twirling around much more visibly and then in an instance, it dipped below the trees and out of sight.

End of our sighting! Now I am hearing that a UFO sighting was seen over Edmonton the early morning of this same day!

For starters Brian, I've been a total believer in UFOs for many years. Could elaborate much more on my experiences, but here it's about the 'here and now' sighting of this evening.

However, before I leave I wish to inject here that last summer (late July 2014), in the middle of the night my friend and I both woke to a loud 'scraping like sound' over our rooftop.

We both jumped out of bed and went straight to our windows. We thought something had crashed over the treetops by the house, but there was absolutely nothing to be seen or heard.

It was immediately after that night I heard about a possible UFO hovering over Toronto.

Thank you for reading and also you have permission to publish my 'sighting encounter'.


Additional Information:

Hi Brian;

Thank you so much for your prompt reply!

To answer your question re whereabouts this object was spotted (from the perspective of where I live and saw its real shape), I can describe its position this way:

We live just off Happy Valley road, ( - newly developed - area) on 'Braeburn Ave', front of our back yard patio faces directly south, with the right side of it facing to the west.

This object was seen right above the corner of our patio in that southwest position, so my guess is it was hovering above the Strait of Juan De Fuca area, however, very high above the ocean and perhaps further off-land.

But to give a geographical account of its position, definitely I would say with conviction that it was in a 'Southwest' position, in the area of Juan De Fuca straits.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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