Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eyewitness Watches Object Make Unusual Maneuvers From Glacier Washington

Date:  January 25, 2015
Time:  Approximately 6:53 p.m.

Here's what I posted on Facebook

Did anyone else see the lights in the sky tonight at around 6:53 PDT on January 25, 2015 ?

I looked southeast from Glacier, WA at the sky towards Mt. Baker, which was beautifully lit by the moon.

All of a sudden I thought I was seeing the forecasted comet or asteroid to the left (NE) of Mt Baker as I saw a brightly lit "star" falling. Clear as it could be.

The stars at night up here are much clearer than in more populated areas. So, I'm watching this thing falling, but then, instead of continuing to fall, it took a sharp left turn (headed north), went sideways, then back up, then down, then right, down, up, across all over the place.

It must have gone on for at least 2 minutes. That was no Asteroid or Comet. Did anyone see this?

Eventually it went back to it's "original" position, flickered a bunch and began to fade away. I have never seen anything clearly wrong, defying all laws of physics as we know them, in the night sky like this in my life.

you said 8:50 p.m., maybe one or both of us is off on the time, but it was approximately 6:53 p.m. when I texted a friend over Facebook about what I was watching as I watched it.

Please send me links to any other postings you may find. I'm not sure where to go and post my sighting. You were the 1st post I saw and so I replied.

Please let me know if you know anyone else who saw this!!

I was not looking toward Vancouver, although I'm 25 minuets from the Sumas, Washington Abbotsford crossing into British Columbia.

I was looking as if my back was towards Vancouver, British Columbia, looking southeast toward Mt Baker.

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