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Bow Hunter Films Awesome Sight In The Sky From Forest Ontario (Pictures)

From Brian Vike's UFO Files.

Date: December 16, 2006
Time: Between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m.

I was headed out to the back yard to go hunting. I saw something that made me put down my bow and run back to the house to get my camera, I didn't know what it was, but I knew I needed a picture of it.

I didn't do anything, until tonight when I queried the 16th of December 2006 and found the article from Guelph.

I personally don't believe in UFO's, but this was something flying and moving fast. I ended up with a few pictures. Did anyone figure out what this was.

The Guelph, Ontario sighting this witness is referring to can be found here at:

Thank you to John Hayes at UFOINFO for this report.

Below: Additional information gathered by UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

Q. - I guess the first thing I would like to ask is that you mentioned a few photos ? If you have any others would you be so kind as to send them along to me so I can have a peek at them ?

A. - Yes, sent them along.

Q. - Also can you tell me what the time was when you took the pictures ?

A. - I had gone out to Bow Hunt between 6:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. I'm not sure of the time, but I know it was just getting light.

Q. - Also can you please tell me where you are located at ? Just general please. What province, county and country ? Just want to make sure where this was viewed from.

A. - No problem. I'm just south of the town of Forest, Ontario in southwest Ontario. Try 430438N/815750W.

Q. - How long were you able to observe this object for ? This is the object with the fanned out short tail ?

A. - I first saw this object or about 10 seconds before I knew I wanted a picture of it. Ran back inside the house which is about 120 meters away and back to 100 meters to the back yard. I then took the pictures. So maybe 1 to 1.5 minutes.

Q. - Also there is something else, or light source of some kind in the photo which shows up behind and below the object. It appears to look like a boomerang shape I guess one might call it. Have you any idea on what this was, or what may have caused it ? Or maybe it just the light from the sun at the sunset or sunrise hitting clouds, etc..

A. - This was the trail, fuel or water vapor (?) that it left when I first saw it. Came from the jet/object in the air.

Q. - At anytime did the object make any unusual maneuvers at all ?

A. - Yes, the checkmark in the bottom of the pictures is what got me running for a camera. Once I was back, I only saw it make a long draw to the lower left and then, well it fizzled out. Can't really describe it !

Q. - Was there any aircraft in the area while you observed the object ?

A. - No, I didn't see any planes. There were some lines in the sky from recent jet traffic. Looked like a straight lines in the sky, and going from east to west, or west to east.

Q. - I guess if you can add anything as you were the fellow to see it, this would be great. As much detail about the sighting would be appreciated.

A. - When I first saw this object, I thought it was just a airliner jet as usual going from Toronto to somewhere west, until it did the hard let ( from my perspective ) then it did a hard right. The object was either moving very fast, or was small and closer to me then I expected.

The turns caused a vapor trail, to kind of put out or spill off the back of the object as it made it's turn. This was the same thing I saw when it "fizzled out".

The think what got to me about this jet/object was that the tail on the backend was wider then what I have seen on jets. After it moved off in what ever direction it was going, it wasn't leaving a trail behind it. The trail was wide in comparison to the object. That's about it.

Personally I think some jet jockey out of either Toronto or Selfridge US air base across lake St-Clair and was having fun and carving up the sky with a fast moving jet. Only think I can think of.

I'd like to write the guy in Guelph who saw this object the same day and time frame that I saw it. I know his observation point was different then mine, but it sounded like we both saw the same thing. He described it about the same.

All photos are © 2006 DCCL2006

My many thanks to the witness for his report and for granting permission to use his photos.

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