Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miriam Delicado's UFO Sighting/Abduction And Her Website/Book (Audio Interview)

From Brian Vike’s UFO Files.

Also from Brian Vike’s - “The Vike Report Radio Show.”

“I held hands with aliens as I was led on board an alien craft in 1988 along a highway in Northern British Columbia Canada.

I spent three hours with Tall Blond humanoid aliens/extraterrestrials/star beings/ Great Ancestors, as they shared information with me regarding who they were.

Some of this information was warnings about the future of our planet. These Tall Blond extraterrestrials taught me a great deal and through my book, videos, blog, seminars and speaking engagements I hope to share as much as possible with the public about these encounters that have been taking place since my birth.” Miriam Delicado

To visit Miriam Delicado's website and to find her book, please follow this link.

The interview is 63.4 mbs and it is 46 minutes in length.

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Thank you to Miriam for an interesting sighting report and nice chat with her on other things.

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