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Hunters Shoot At UFO And Beam Of Light Hits Police Car At Clovis New Mexico (Text Report/Audio Interview)

From Brian Vike's UFO Files.

Clovis, New Mexico Sightings Related To Cannon AFB Sightings

Date:  January 1976
Time:  Evening

Investigator Brian Vike’s  Note: Reports from Clovis, New Mexico have been coming in from a number of different people. I am waiting on a detailed description of a "burn spot" in the open field that yielded a strangely shaped piece of metal (very light and strong) that was confiscated by authorities.

The witness also saw the tracks of pads in the field that were immediately covered over and he was interrogated by authorities (not local) during the event and much, much more coming.

A gentleman called me from Clovis, New Mexico on Sunday June 18, 2006 (Father's day). Since I was out at the time the call came in, my daughter took the fellows name and phone number and told him I would call Monday, June 19, 2006.

I did telephone the man on Monday, June 19, 2006 and had a wonderful conversation with him, plus took an amazing report over what he and a close friend of his saw that night. The fellow also gave me the name of his buddy and another name of someone else who was witness to strange events that night also.

I should point out that he also knew of others who saw the unusual objects over the two nights back in January of 1976. The fellow called after reading the Clovis News Journal as they carried a large article on the events that took place over the Cannon AFB in New Mexico.

The witness and his friend were out hunting coyotes just south (some 6 or 7 miles) of Clovis, New Mexico on a dirt road.

As they drove down the dirt road they both observed a light low over the horizon. Wondering what it was, as it appeared to look out of the norm, they decided to investigate.

They knew there wasn't any bright stars that close to the horizon at least at this time of the year and at that time. As they watched, the light did not move and again the gentleman impressed upon me that what ever this light was, "it was low"!

Eventually they started traveling towards the light and finally got positioned right underneath it. The witness said it was a blue/green blinking light. They both were so fascinated by what they were seeing above them, and the light sitting stationary above at approximately 300 yards they got out of the truck.

The object was not making a sound, he said, it was dead quite! There wasn't even a breeze that evening and they estimated they sat underneath the object for approximately 5 minutes.

Since the men both had rifles with them, the witness I talked with grabbed his 30-06 rifle and took a shot at the object and believes he put a round into it. As soon as the fellow fired and the impact of the shell struck the craft it immediately started to move straight north.

They both jumped back into the truck and started to head north towards Clovis following the object. The driver got the truck up to it's top speed which was running at 120 miles per hour and the object was pulling away from the two men in their truck.

He said is was moving a lot faster than they were able to travel. They estimated it had to be traveling at 200 miles an hour or better. The object changed it's direction of travel by turning in a slight curve and it was now heading in the direction towards Texico, New, Mexico.

As they still were traveling at a high rate of speed along the dirt road they said they could see the highway which was approximately two miles away from them, and it, it meaning the object.

Still keeping their eyes peeled on this strange light/craft, they saw a local Sheriff traveling along the highway east towards Texico from Clovis in his squad car, with the car's emergency lights flashing. The men figured the Sheriff was from either Texico or Farwell, New, Mexico.

As they watched the object it shone a bright light down onto the Sheriff's squad car, completely flooding the squad car with light, then the object shot straight up at an incredible rate of speed and disappeared.

It just shot up into space and it was gone!

He told me he sat by quietly because he figured it might have been a military aircraft and he just put a bullet into the thing, not wanting to get into any trouble over shooting it. Also he mentioned after he saw the object doing all these strange maneuvers he was glad he placed a bullet into it.

He also told me that they watched the lights on the first night they were being reported in the area with his cousin, and the lights moved erratically all over the night sky. So once again this shows that these unusual lights were around for two nights like everyone has been reporting.

The witness also mentioned that he spoke to another man who taught at the Clovis Community College (name was given) and he watched the object/lights travel right behind the man's property which was north of Clovis. This fellow reported that the object was long/cigar in shape.

There was more the gentleman reported which was again very interesting.

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