Sunday, January 11, 2015

Security Guard Observes Huge Black Triangle Over The Bronx New York City (Written Report/Audio Interview)

From Brian Vike’s UFO Files.

I was working as an over night security guard for a beer distribution company on November 10, 2001. I noticed for more than over a month lights that seem to appear at random times after midnight over a building located in front of the facility. These lights resembled those of a brilliant roman candle.

They sparkled on a massive scale over the building in front of the facility. I observed this night after night from my security booth. I decided to take a closer look, when I approached the front entrance I saw that out of these sparkles appeared a huge black triangle.

I was frightened by the size of this craft which hovered directly above me and was heading east at a very slow speed and most importantly very silent tempo.

It was as wide as a six story building and as long as a twelve story building and was about nine stories up in the sky. I paced backwards as this craft was right above me and I was speechless.

I thought I could possibly be an abductee. The craft was literally pitch black and the only light was a white signal light at the tip of its nose. Bush was in town on that weekend to address the victims of that disaster

I truly believe that I am one out of a few in New York who pay attention to the signs in the sky.

You can listen, or download the free mp3 interview I did with this eyewitness.

The size of the Audio Clip/Interview is 36.4 MB mbs and the length of the interview is 27 minutes. The interview is in a mp3 format.

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