Saturday, January 10, 2015

UFO - Large Light At Front And In The Middle A Neon Color Flying From Hull To Gatineau Quebec

Date:  January 10, 2015
Time:  6:30 a.m.

Good morning, this morning at 6:30 am I was looking in the sky having a small cigar and tree light with a long strip in the back a small red light at the end of each was going to the east very fast going direction Gatineau east.

This was not a plane because no noise and going to fast in the sky.

Additional Information:

The objet was not in triangle, imagine one big with light in the front and between 10 foot long neon and the end a small red light, like this

 ( o o---------0  o-----------0 ) the last small light (White) was going up and down.

I did not see any object around the light. This object was going faster and faster not like a plan. Did see for maybe 5 seconds from Hull to Gatineau going east to Cantley.

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