Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Triangle Stealth Looking UFOs Spotted Outside Of St. Catharines Ontario

Date:  August of 2008
Time:  Evening.

Brian, in August of 2008 we witnessed two UFO's, one appeared larger than the other sitting perfectly still until they vanished in a quick lightning fast disappearance.

Triangle Stealth like features. Almost transparent like or assuming the surrounding sky which was clear starry night.

Location in the South-western sky above the tree line at a Family Camp Ground in Jordan Harbour just outside of St. Catharines  Ontario. I don't have the date at this time I will look for something that will indicate the time we were camping.

I have seen other UFO's as I spend many hours with my eyes to the night and day sky.

This particular incident was witnessed by another.

PS -  I am 53 and was about 46 at the time. No pictures, but I remember it like it was today! I will draw a picture, unless I find the report I made to my self back in 2008.

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