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Confronted By A UFOs A Life Time Of Encounters - Ex Marine Tells His Story Of Seeing A UFO In A Hanger (Written Report/Audio Interview)

From Brian Vike's UFO Files.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I spoke to this witness on the phone today (November 5, 2007) for I believe 2 hours and I will be calling him back tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. to finish up a fascinating talk and telephone interview which will be aired coming up on the Vike Report radio show.

The interview/show will be a special on a different night rather than my usual Sunday radio show. Of course a new show will be aired every Sunday night's as usual.

This really is an incredible story, from being inside a UFO at the age of 7 years old, also much later in life when serving as a Marine in the United States military with the highest of clearance was driving with others in a bus with blacked out windows, black curtains covering the windows to keep on-lookers and most likely the military people who were on the bus knowing where it was they were going.

When they arrived at a hanger, (their destination) they got off the bus, were given a stern warning that what they were about to see in the hanger was not to be related in anyway, or to anyone !

The below report is just the tip of the story and I know you won't want to miss this upcoming special show. Also which is very important, when folks read what is written below, and if it rings a bell and you may have been at this base/hanger or on the bus would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting and relate any details you might have on this fascinating case. Your personal information will be kept "private".

(Case Review)

1. 1953 at 7 years of age, I'm given a air-mechanics industrial flashlight as a gift from my mothers friend, whom she is helping move to new location where her husband has just found employment in the Burbank Ca., as airplane mechanic.

2. During the night time move I point the industrial strength flashlight towards the Hansen Dam built by the Army Corps of Engineers and I flash a signal at a light I see on the Dams upper rim, to my surprise, the light returns a signal flash, I initiated, flash per flash.

My mother seeing this is concerned the light might be a plane and tells me to stop, but in reality it is a UFO resting on the dams upper rim!

3. Next (day) I notice a UFO hovering over near a small hill by our government housing apartment, the UFO is in oscillating motion, I bring this to attention of my older brother, two male cousins who also reside in government housing project and other children.

4. UFO silently moves from hill towards apartments and stops, myself, brother, cousins, we wave at UFO occupants who return the same, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, reports this to (MUFON) in 1973/75. Craft follows housing units service drive and fly's over children's playground and comes to rest in 45 degree angle at the base of the Hansen Dam. (footnote) government housing, federal dam works, and military in later years play together in which I believe is possible sinister involvement.

5. I along with children go to playground area were craft comes to rest, children become frighten and return to government units. I approach the UFO, and remember strong smell like battery acid, I place knee on craft, craft is neither hot or cold as I remember and I crawl the circumference of the UFO and on the opposite lower side of the craft I notice blinking lights, of magenta, pink, gold, etc. I fall downward into craft, and only remember walking back to apartment units approximately 45 minutes later. The children are now playing hide and seek, a game of the 50's and 60's.

6. I enter my apartment unit, and I am disorientated as I don't recognize my sister and ask my mother if she is Chinese also! as in (elongated eyes) my family is Hispanic, but the late Dr. Hynek feels and I agree that I was disorientated and in reality I was trying to describe the alien beings as best as a 7 year old child could, keeping in mind I'm not even sure if the term UFO was even coined in 1953?

7. Brian, actual levitation takes place where I am floated upward in my room as reported to the late Dr. Hynek, there is a return of the UFO/craft that night, which more that 15 to 25 an approximately number of people adults included, who witness the return of the craft and then the childhood UFO abductions take place.

8. The being taken to a location in a naval bus with blacked out windows which are painted black, with black curtains on top of that, 10 years later when I serve in the Marine Corps, where there is a UFO craft. Moreover, I recently have found out there is also another Marine who has had the same experience, of being taken to a location where there is a UFO craft as reported in "UFO over California" written in 2006 by Preston Dennett.

Brian this is proof enough for me, I'm not alone and there must be many more former military personnel who have experienced the same as myself. Not to mention the little known evidence that I and the other Marine were both given crypto clearance, while in the military. Finally, I emailed you on or about Aug.27 & Aug.29th concerning the recent 4 to 5 UFO's witnessed by my children, with a black UFO which turns in to a black helicopter, bizarre case!

Brian, I'm 60 years of age, because of the other Marine that has had the exact same thing taken place along with crypto clearance, same base, Camp Pendleton Marine Base, same year 1967. I don't need to be beat over the head, something is up.

Brian you now have my phone number, lets lock in a date when the kids are in school or at night. You don't know how thankful I am to God for the good work you do, not to many good investigators out there any more.

Thank you to the witness for the report, and for doing an interview with me for The Vike Report radio show and for spending the time with Jeff Rense and I on the Jeff Rense radio show.

Updated Information:

Ruben's Ongoing Fascinating UFO/Alien Encounters

Hi Brian, If you would be so kind as to set up a brief outline of what I told you concerning my case which start in 1953, at age 7, at the foothills of the Angeles National Forest, the Tujunga mountains, which were adjacent to the Hansen Dam Water Works Project.

I saw a UFO with brothers, cousins, friends, etc. The craft lands next to the Dam, and I enter it, and we fast forward to 1964, I join the Marine Corps, taken aboard the naval bus, with blacked out windows, and end up in a jet hangar with blue glowing UFO, and aliens in hangar.

2. 1954, my family was sent to another government housing unit, which may help explain the time frame of breaking down the what I call the UFO test site, housing project. The other government housing units still stand to this date and was located near downtown Los Angeles.

At this location as in the Hansen Dam location, my father becomes more involved with the goings on, especially as it pertained with the blue lights. At the Estrada location government housing units, my younger brother went to get a small chair from the boys bedroom to watch TV in the living room, when the family hears his screams of there's a "blue light in the bedroom".

I run to the hallway and my younger brother is frozen in fear, unable to move, but only able to scream. This is when I see the bright blue light, that would also play an important part in my life in the years to come, as a United States Marine.

3. I sent Brian Vike, an email concerning Ann Druffels book, "the Tujunga Canyon Contacts", 1953 the same year of my childhood UFO abductions. Ann starts her case history, concerning two (2) women UFO abductees, and the book starts with, "the eerie blue lights" in the bedroom. The blue light I witness with my brother, encompassed the entire bedroom and hallway. And I with my entire family witnessed from less than a 1/4 mile distance, a blue lit UFO light follow our (SUV) to the front of our home.

4. From age 7 to 17, the UFO sightings took on a more hands on approach, that is to say the UFO abductions started again, only this time from my grand parents home, in Laton, California in the north central part of the state. Laton is 30 miles south of Fresno, CA and 8 miles north of Handford, California.

The place of my birth. My grandparents had a nice parcel of land, and my grandfather was a farmer, and a farm foreman for the local growers, of fruit, grapes, cotton, corn, etc..

5. As cousins sometimes do, I had a fight with one of my male cousins at age 15, I walked away to burn off some steam. I decided to sleep outside under my grandfathers big 100 year old Oak tree, as the abductions had started up again. To this day I can't understand why I sleep outside in a army cot under the tree, but I enjoy looking at the stars in the black of night.

6. This particular night when I fell asleep on the cot I remember seeing my cousin's family coming home around 12:30 a.m. from the only drive-in movie 8 miles away in Handford, CA. I raised up to see the car and fell back asleep. Around I would say 3:00 a.m. to the right of the oak tree, I saw the UFO for the first time that had been abducting me from my grandparents house.

It was on the right side of the oak tree in the middle of a small feeder road and I saw the aliens close up for the first time outside of the craft, one next to the oak tree and feeder road and one next to the army cot under the tree which I was asleep on.

I then notice approximately 3 alien beings floating towards my grandfathers cabin style house in which he had a large garden of tomato, cucumbers, corn, etc. I looked at them from the cot but was unable to move, as I was in the prone position this time on my stomach.

The aliens were taking samples of the soil and vegetables, and broke the soil very badly. As my aunt and uncle, cousins saw me asleep on the cot coming in from the drive-in, I was blamed for the damage to the garden and then the following transpired.

7. I was blamed for the damage to the garden by my cousin who I had fought with the day prior, so I decided to walk to a canal which fed water to the farmers for there fruit trees, cotton, etc. This canal was about 1 and 1/2 miles from my grandparents land.

The canal always had water in it and there was a big oak tree on the bank of the canal itself. The bank was barely big enough to put maybe to bikes on it if we rested the bikes on the tree itself. Moreover, we had rigged a rope on the oak tree to swing across the canal and back to the bank of the canal.

It was more fun to drop into the fast running river water and swim back to the oak tree. As I was doing this a couple of times, lets say 3 swings, as I came back to the upper bank I was surprised to see a full big body black long sedan, something like what you see secret service drive, between a small limo and a black service car.

Moreover, 2 men were standing next to the car. They wore crisp black suits and I have a vague memory of a Fedora type hat on at least one of the tall men, but the strange thing is I don't understand how they were able to park the car next to the tree as we kids had a hard time resting our bikes there!

The men who looked between Oriental/Russian, dark olive pigmentation. From the back seat of the car they brought a caped person, I took to be a woman as I was 15 years of age I said to myself, oh my lucky day. On a second look, this person was the most hideous, horribly ugly being I have ever seen.

I turn to run, but must have fell down the river/canal bank, so I started to crawl on my hands and knees until I reached a small bridge for tractor traffic. I then ran back to my grandparents home.

Brian, I don't know if you have 2 computers maybe a lap top and a desk top, so you can view both part (2) emails, if not you can always make a hard copy.

Numbers 1 to 7 of part (2) gives a general outline of what happen after the initial UFO/abduction, and the naval bus ride with blacked out windows, to location where UFO is housed, and alien beings approach, the Marine team.

8. After being taken to the UFO location, I was sent to Vietnam where I was on the second ship to land in Vietnam in April 10, 1965. Prior to my 13 month tour of duty in Vietnam my unit was broken up as a training unit for the many battalions of Marines to come after us, I was assigned to a grunt unit and reassigned to an intelligence unit, while in the grunt unit I was to report of any air activity that is enemy jet planes, but this was not generally the case, but I did see what I feel was UFOs which seem to follow both grunt units I was with, in my hearts of hearts I always felt that this was a concerted effort on the part of the UFO's/aliens, to keep tab, on myself and other Marines who may of had the same experience as myself, like the UFO in the jet hangar.

When I was assigned to the intelligence officers, I wanted to report what I was seeing as it pertained to the UFOs that seem to follow the patrols I found myself taken part in.

On one patrol, I noticed a silver/disk UFO, which seem to follow the patrol for 2 or 3 days, I did not report this to the intelligence officers, as I didn't know who I could trust, (Emphasis Added!).

While we were on lead point of the battalion one day I was standing with about 5 of the officers, when out of know where, again the blue lights came on, but this time it was cobalt blue, which encircled all 6 of us with electrical bolts of light that was I would say 20 yards all around us!

9. I then rejoined another grunt unit, and was then medevac'd out of Vietnam, to Yokuska Naval Hospital in Japan, where I met a chaplains assistant, and the most bizarre thing happen, concerning his knowledge of my instant case as it pertains to UFOs.

10. The big picture/and most recent UFO activity, after the Japan episode, UFO activity has moved forward at a fast pace, thus I contacted Brian to report, the blue UFO following my (SUV) home at night, also after once again shining a industrial from my current home to a UFO less than a 1/4 mile from my home, the wires in my dryer catch fire and fuse together when the dryer was off, and 15 minutes later the report control in my bedroom catch fire after I shine the light at the UFO.

An a UFO follows home the 3rd. week of march, and my daughter dreams of a UFO on Aug. 27 TH. by our back yard, and on August 29 4 UFOs appear to us, and a 5th black UFO comes in-between the 4 UFO then shift changes to a black helicopter, it goes on and on, at this point I think I must trust the chaplains assistant of what he told me in 1965. Brian I will add a little more as time permits, on the show, Ruben.

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