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UFOs And Strange Being Incident In Mississippi (Brian Vike Interviews Chris) - Audio Interview/Written Report)

From Brian Vike's UFO Files - The Vike Report.

Date: Sunday evening in probably late 1958, or, early 1959.

When we were growing up, my mother used to treat all of us kids to cake and ice cream on Sunday evenings whenever she could afford to.

Well, this incident took place on a Sunday evening in probably late 1958, or, early 1959 in what was then the un-incorporated community of Plain,Mississippi.

It has since been incorporated and had it's name changed to the city of Richland.

At the time of this incident, my family and I were living with my uncle and his family. All except my father, who was away in the U.S. Navy.

Anyway, on this particular Sunday night, my mother gathered up all of us, plus my cousin James, and we all headed down to the little country store out on the main highway, which was there at the time.

After she bought us some cake and ice cream, we headed home again. Momma turned off of old highway 49 and on to Harper Road, which in those days was a dirt road with ditches and six-foot high embankments on each side. (Which is typical of roads in the southern U.S.)

We were in her 1950 model Dodge, and as we were cruising along at about 25 mph down that dirt road, my mother and my cousin, who was in the front seat with her, spotted it first.

She slowed down almost to a crawl, thinking at first it was a small child who ran out in the road. As the car slowed down, it undoubtedly must have been frightened, because it first tried to climb the embankment on the right side of the road, and, when it couldn't, it ran in front of the car.

First to the left, then, back to the right, again. As we passed it, I was sitting in the right rear side on the back seat. From my vantage point, I got a good look at this creature.

This is something that I have always remembered to this day. It was not the typical "Grey", as most people have reported seeing when they fill out UFO sighting reports.

Rather, it was of the species known as the "Dwarfs". It was anywhere from 2 to 3 feet tall, had almost human looking eyes, except a little bigger.

It's hands were longer than ours. I can't remember how many digits on each hand, but, it's hands were long and narrow. It's body was very thin.

The main thing that I recall after all these years, was that it was wearing what we would call today, a little miniature astronaut suit. However, it's suit wasn't quite as bulky as the ones that astronauts wear today.

I remember too, that it had some sort of tank attached to it's back, and some sort of breathing apparatus, like a hose, hooked up to it.

I can't recall seeing a helmet. Although, it may have been holding one in one of it's hands. As the car slowly drove past, it looked at me, eyeball to eyeball.

We stared at one another until the creature was out of sight. My mother just couldn't believe what she saw.

However, I know what I saw. That incident on Harper's Road happened over forty years ago, and I'll never forget it. That is a true story.

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