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Report Five - Remarkable UFO Wave Continues Over British Columbia Canada (UFO Investigator Brian Vike)

RCMP Case Report And Brian Vike’s Input On Falkland, British Columbia Cattle Mute.

Below is the RCMP's Investigation report into the cattle mutilation which took place in Falkland, British Columbia, Canada in September 2001.

Also I have the names and phone numbers for the people involved in this incident and will be now contacting each of them to gather more information on this case.

Cattle Mute Update - In December -2001 This information from CBC Radio September 2001.

I have been in contact with CBC Radio News and they have provided the following information:

The area where this took place was between, Fulton and the Chase area in British Columbia. Some horse back riders had found the carcass of the animal/cow and had contacted the farmer and the RCMP were also contacted.

There was only one set of tracks leading to the animal, these tracks were left behind by the farmer as he inspected the dead animal.

No other tracks were found around the area leading in or out the field. After an inspection of the dead animal, there was "no" blood remaining in the animal, no blood found around the scene what so ever. Also I was told there was a rectal core was taken from the animal. The udder was removed, and sexual organs were also missing.

From Constable Lange of the RCMP:

Brian, Here is a copy of the portions of our file that we are able to release to you. It has taken a fair amount of time to conclude this matter.

Hopefully this information will prove helpful to your research.

Thank you to Cst. C.D.H. Lange – RCMP.

I have now talked to the RCMP investigating officer and I will be faxed their full report in a week or two after they wrap up their investigation. I will post all results from this, and my look into this strange event.

Date/Time 2001-11-27 12:52

CST Lange phoned the Saskatchewan Research Counsel and spoke with Eve Plante at (phone number deleted by Brian Vike). Plante asked about several contacts of his whether they had any statistics. His contact on the matter with the breed association in Calgary had no records available. His contact at the Saskatchewan Pasture Management like wise had heard of cattle mutilations but had no statistics. Plante's contact at the University of Saskatchewan also had several cases of cattle mutilation reported to them however, the cases turned out to be the work of scavengers eating their way through the soft tissue area of the body.

Date/Time 2001-12-07 16:40

No further information to add to this file. Although it is unknown exactly what has happened, all evidence points towards the work of small scavenger animals.

Date/Time 2001-10-15 17:10

Concluded Constable Lange (RCMP)

Date 2001-10-15

Cpl. Paul Robinson from the livestock section in Kamloops requested a copy of the cattle mutilation file. Cst. Lange sent the file, however some pages may not have gone through.

Cst. Lange notified Cpl. Robinson and asked him to phone if he thought there was a need for the missing pages and they would be re-faxed.

Cst. Lange said he would fax more information that would be received from the University of Saskatewan once he found some time to conclude the file.

Date/Time 2001-10-21 15:38

Sui CDHC Cst. Lange

Date/Time 2001-10-26 14:40

Called Bouine Research Laboratory at Saskatchewan Research Council #15 innovation Blding (phone number deleted by Brian Vike). They said that they have no research on possible cattle mutilations, however they would check several other sources of information they knew of and get back to us by the middle of next week

Time 14:51

Sui CDHL Cst. Lange

Date/Time 2001-09-24 18:42

Released to the media for fear that the media attention would feed the situation causing those who did the mutilating the satisfaction that the public was genuinely frightened. (Name deleted by Brian Vike) suggested that her parents were very frightened by the whole situation and they could not figure out who would do such a thing.

Time 18:46

Cst Lange phoned (name deleted by Brian Vike) for more information regarding the situation in Lumby.

Date/Time 2001-09-25 06:40

Cst. Lange did an interview with CBC Radio. Sui. Cst. Lange asked for help with solving the mystery from the general public.

Time 09:43

Sui Cst Lange

Date/Time 2001-09-25 09:25

Spoke with Cpl. Ramsay of Clinton RCMP. He explained that he had previous dealings with the University of Saskatewan concerning cattle mutilations.

He suggested that most likely the situation was caused by rodents. They apparently leave the impression that the hide was cut with a knife. They chew the soft tissue and essentially saw out the utter and other areas of soft tissue. Sui Cst Lange

Date/Time 2001-9-21 0930

Conservation officer (name and phone number deleted by Brian Vike) reports that last year a cow belonging to the (deleted by Brian Vike) was likewise killed. It had the tongue and sexual organs/reproductive trac all removed and all the other meat was left behind.

The matter was referred to either the RCMP Stock Association or Lumby RCMP.


Date/Time 2001-09-24 15:21

Phoned Graham Stevens at CBC radio out of Kelowna. Arranged for an interview at 06:40 tomorrow morning.

Date/Time 2001-09-24 18:41

Phoned (name and phone number deleted by Brian Vike) re: cow mutilation that happened on her parents ranch in Quesnel some 10 years ago.

She said that we should phone the veterinarian doctor (name deleted by Brian Vike) for more information. The cows apparently had been mutilated in the same fashion, however the information was not available.

Date/Time 2001-09-15 11:41

Called (name and phone number deleted by Brian Vike) concerning the situation, she left a note for Cst. Lange to call. No one home and message left.

Date/Time 2001-09-19 14:19

(Name deleted by Brian Vike) reports that on Sunday, September 09 the dogs were going crazy and her cat went missing. The direction of the dogs attention was towards the area where the mutilated cow incident happened. (DOB 1949-10-19) RR #1, Falkland, British Columbia.

Date/Time 2001-09-19 17:37 Cst. Lange called (name deleted by Brian Vike) who informs Cst. Lange that the tire tracks were made by his son (name deleted by Brian Vike) who had reported the incident to him before the investigation was launched concerning this (1927-09-30) (address deleted by Brian Vike)

Time 17:39 No further leads, (name deleted by Brian Vike) owned the dead cow. (name deleted by Brian Vike)

Thanked Cst. Lange for helping in the situation.

Time 17:42

Cst. Lange called the complainant to notify of the situation.

Date/Time 2001-09-16 10:22

(Name deleted by Brian Vike) phoned Cst. Lange through dispatch. Cst. Lange spoke with her. She mentioned that (name deleted by Brian Vike) owns the cattle and that he mentioned his son had been up to the pasture on Thursday and had found the dead cow and mentioned that it had already began to stink. Cst. Lange was told by (name deleted by Brian Vike) that (name deleted by Brian Vike) would attend the Falkland Detachment to speak with a member concerning the incident.

Time 11:25 C

Cst. Lange phoned (name deleted by Brian Vike) to speak with him concerning the incident at (phone number deleted by Brian Vike). Left a message on his answering machine to call back.

Time 11:30

Cst. Lange called (name deleted by Brian Vike) to speak with him. before Cst. Lange could call, (name deleted by Brian Vike) said that he would check on his cow. He called back at 11:30 and would speak with his son and get his son to phone the RCMP. He mentioned that his son was in the pasture on Thursday (which would explain the tire tracks and footprints around the site.

Date/Time 2001-09-15 15:10

Cst. Lange after he showed Cst. Overby and Cst. Lange his (deleted by RCMP) he mentioned to Cst. Lange that he was quite nervous to see police in his driveway as all the happenings in New York had him of edge somewhat.

He mentioned that he had lived at the residence for a number of years (since - deleted by RCMP) and that his girlfriend lived there about 5 months out of the year. (Cst. Overby mentioned this) as there had been a file at the property a number of years ago.

Time 15:14

Cst. Lange and Overby departed from the scene Time

16:00 Cst. Lange and Cst. Overby did CPIC, PIRS and CFRO, and Interpol checks on (deleted by RCMP).


2001-09-15 10:55

Earlier in the day (name deleted by Brian Vike) phoned regarding the property renters possibly the (name deleted by Brian Vike). She mentioned that the past number of years.

Not this year but years previous. There are two (name deleted by Brian Vike) one (name & phone number deleted by Brian Vike and the other (name and number deleted by Brian Vike). The last sentence on this paragraph only gives the names of the two people in question and their addresses which I will leave out.

Date Time 2001-09-15 14:42

Cst. Lang and Cst. Overby to investigate with (deleted by RCMP) the mutilated cow was located on. Investigation of the event will be at (deleted by RCMP)

Time 14:53

Arrived at the scene and entered the neighbors driveway to do neighborhood inquiries (deleted by RCMP) License markers (deleted by RCMP) was at the residence.

We walked up the driveway in behind the police car. He ducked into the bushes and appeared to drop something. Cst. Overby said. "hey you down there !!

The man came out of the bushes and introduced himself to us. He appeared very nervous and figgitty, he was sweating and would not look Cst. Overby or Cst. Lang in the eyes.

We told him that we were doing neighborhood inquiries to the death of a cow that was mutilated out behind his place. He said he knew nothing about that.

He mentioned that he had set a Kokanee beer can on the edge of the fence near the gate. He wished to take Cst. Lange and Cst. Overby's picture ? He took a picture of Cst. Overby and Cst. Lange.

Date/Time 2001-09-13 15:49

Cst. Howard and Cst. Overby were told that a Charlors/Hereford cow had been dissected by someone up on Paxton valley Road. Cst. Lange tried to phone (name deleted by Brian Vike) who apparently knows the exact location of the animal. Cst. Lange went to investigate.

Time 16:15 Cst. Lange arrived from the Falkland detachment to the junction of Paxton Valley Road and Six Mile

Road and met (name deleted by Brian Vike) and (Name deleted by Brian Vike). Cst. Lange investigated and there was a dead cow on the locally termed "320" acres.

It appeared as though the utter and the sexual organs of the cow had been removed. Cst. Lange took photographs and noted footprints and tire tracks near the cow. Cst. Lange along with (name deleted by Brian Vike) followed the tracks out to a gate, beer cans were seized as evidence.

One Bud Weiser can on the road and one Kokanee can on the gate. The gate hinges were wired shut and a footprint was seen going to a key on one of the fence posts - 25m from the gate hanging on barbed wire. Cst. Lange took photo's. No other truck tracks or prints were seen besides the one set. A neighbor to the (deleted by RCMP) through the trees adjacent to the land and (deleted by RCMP).

End of RCMP Investigation report. I was told other information was given to another unit of the RCMP for possible more investigation. But this information is not for the public, at least at this time. Other documents that were faxed from the RCMP are pages from the Freedom of Information Act which are rather interesting also.

I would like to extend my many thanks to Constable Lange of the RCMP for all his help. The RCMP at this time are placing small animals which may have caused the damage to the animal after it died. Also more information on this will follow soon.

I also have three other reports of cattle mutilations which have taken place in British Columbia, Canada. The first I will tackle is a mute in the Lumby, British Columbia area, the second will be a cattle mute in the Quesnel, British Columbia area and the last in the Clinton, British Columbia.

I hope to have reports on these in the coming months. Also I should have more information on this cattle mutilation which took place in the Falkland, British Columbia area very soon. So please stop by if interested in this area of investigation.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net


Triangular Shaped UFO With Hazy Blue And White Lights Over Houston, British Columbia.

Date:  February 3, 2003
Time:  8:10 p.m.

"Today, Friday, February 7, 2003 I was contacted about a sighting which took place here in Houston, B.C. A Canfor employee who runs a track mobile at the saw mill was moving around chip cars on company property.

He said he climbed down off the machine he was operating to switch over to another track, when an extremely fast object, or more specifically, three bright, hazy blue/white lights came out of the north and disappeared to the south.

The witness said everything happened so fast that he could not make out any type of outline to what he was viewing. The forestry worker said the three lights were in a triangular shape, and held the same shape until he lost sight of it.

I asked the witness if he might be able to give me a rough idea of the altitude the lights were at. (I gave him a few examples). In the end he mentioned the lights were not that high above him, but had to be high enough to clear the mountains to the south. (approximately 2500 to 3000 feet)."

Above Image: Gives an idea as to what the lights looked like.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net


Silent Bright Object Seen In The Sky Over New Hazelton, British Columbia.

Date:  February 9, 2003
Time:  6:50 p.m.

The witness reports that she was out on her sundeck. It was a beautiful night, and she commented on how nice the Moon looked that evening, which was to her north.

She said she turned toward the north and saw a "large" bright light which was moving in her direction at a low altitude.

The witness said the light was round in shape, and it seemed to be pulsing white, with a bluish color added to in. There was no sound at all.

She said if it had of been an airplane, she would have heard sound from it due to it being so low. The sighting lasted approximately 10 seconds before it disappeared.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net


UFO Has Ring Around It And Viewed Over Duncan, British Columbia.

February 10, 2003
Time:  6:00 p.m.

A witness called this evening using my new Toll Free Hotline from Duncan, British Columbia to report he was walking his dog in the park when he observed a circular object with what he described as a ring of fire around it.

He said his dog was going completely nuts at the time of the sighting. I asked the witness approximately how far away was the object to his location, he said maybe 4 to 6 blocks away up in the sky.

He also said the ring which surrounded the object would twirl around the main body of it.

The fellow also mentioned there were a number of colors coming from it, such as blue, green, etc..

He also told me it would move up and down, when it got close to the cloud cover it would change to all the different colors, but when it dropped back down at a lower level the color changed to an orange.

The chap also said the object seemed to take it's time moving up and down, watching the ring still circling the main body of whatever this was.

The witnesses dog at this time actually took a bite at his owner's foot, as it was frightened of what was going on. The witness was phoning from a friend's home and the dog was still acting up.

There was no sound heard from the object. I also asked if he could give me a rough idea of how big this thing was, he replied that it was approximately the size of a dinner plate from the distance of 4 to 6 blocks from his location.

The sighting lasted for about 5 minutes, before it disappeared, but while I was still chatting to the fellow on the phone he gave out a loud cry and said there was a bright white streak of light from where the object has been observed.

He also said a short trail of some of the colors I mentioned above was coming off it as it disappeared. (If this had anything to do with the object or not, hard to say).

                               Above Image: Gives an idea as to what the lights looked like.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net


Bright Object Disappears And Returns Again At Smithers, British Columbia.

Date:  February 20, 2003
Time:  2:40 a.m.

I had a witness call from Smithers, British Columbia this morning. The lady mentioned that her husband thought she was seeing things, but it sounds like she was certainly witnessing something rather strange.

The woman was up with her baby at 2:40 a.m. and has a great view of Hudson Bay Mountain in and the ski runs, (which are located in Smithers).

Actually the witness sits at the base of the mountain. Her blinds were semi open and allowed her to see a very bright light crossing the mountain, and then coming to a complete stop over one of the largest runs, which is called "Cold Smoke".

She went on to say the light was dead center of the run, and wondered if it was just hovering, or "maybe" it had landed. She also reported hearing a clicking sound from the direction of the object.

(UFO Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: My son lived a while back in the very same area as the witness lives now, and I know many sounds bounce off the mountain which allows everyone to hear different noises much clearer).

The object moved from east to west before coming to a complete stop over the run. Approximately 5 minutes went by and a train could be heard coming in the distance and the object disappeared. Her words, "turned off". After the train had come and passed, and approximately one hour later, the object once again showed up. She knew the times for certain as she was up with their baby.

After the second time the light showed up, she said, "I got frightened and closed the blinds." I asked if she could describe the color of the light to me, she went on to say it was an extremely bright white, with an orange light coming from the center.

The light moved quicker than a helicopter, or any small plane that she knew of. (keep in mind that this light was spotted travelling some distance just below the peaks of the mountain and came to a sudden stop above the ski runs).

When the witness observed the light the second time, or after the train had long passed, she did not notice the light moving, but it just showed up in exactly the same position it was observed before.

The second sighting only lasted a couple of minutes. She reported that her cat, which was also sitting on her bed, perked it's ears up looking in the direction of the window. I asked her an approximate size to the light. She said it may have been half of her thumb nail (held at arm's length) and round in shape.

Investigator Brian Vike's Note: After I received the telephone call I called the Smithers Ski Hill in Smithers, British Columbia to ask if any equipment was working on the runs around the time of the witnessed sighting.

I was told work was being done on four runs throughout the early morning, and would be continuing throughout this week and over the weekend in the wee hours.

This sighting may be the result of grooming equipment working on the ski hill, "but", what puzzles me is that the object was spotted travelling about 3 kilometers along the mountain before it came to a stop.

I also just called the witness back to clear up one point about this sighting, and that was, did she see the object before it got close to the ski runs? She said yes, I observed the light as it traveled over rough terrain, then got to the runs and stopped. So still puzzled at what was seen.

                              Above Image: Gives an idea as to what the lights looked like.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net


Large Disk Shaped UFO Cast Beams Of Light Onto The Ocean At Kitimat, British Columbia.

Date:  February 22, 2003
Time:  10:20 p.m.

Two Alcan aluminum smelter employees, while at work, noticed a "large" disk shaped object travelling very slowly over the Douglas Channel.

The object was reported being very low off the Channel and rose up to clear the mountains to the north. One of the witnesses I have talked with said the both of them stood completely still with their mouths wide open watching this thing!

They said if there had of been any change in direction, meaning towards them, they don't think either of them would have been able to move.

Large, very bright white lights were noticed shining on the water, and this is what caught their attention to the craft. Since the object was so low, and casting a bright light onto the water, it lit up a good sized area which made a portion of the object visible to them.

No other lights were reported being seen, other than what they saw hitting the water's surface. It made no sudden movements until it gradually gained altitude to climb up over the mountain.

The men witnessed this event for approximately 2 minutes. One witness said they both knew for certain that what they were looking at was no normal aircraft that they new of, mainly due to it's size and speed. Plus they never have seen anything shaped like that before. No noise was reported coming from the object.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net


Witnesses Wife Crying Over UFO Event Seen Between Terrace/Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

Date:  February 22, 2003
Time:  10:30 p.m.

A couple driving home from Prince Rupert to Terrace, British Columbia and were about 85 kilometers west out of Terrace when they witnessed a huge object travelling north across the Skeena River. (Investigator Brian Vike's Note: The Skeena River widens out a lot at this point and can be up to two miles or more across the valley as it heads to the ocean). The object itself was dark in color, or black.

Again what caught the attention of the motorists was the bright lights which were seen on the bottom of the object. Two large, almost rectangular lights could be seen glowing from the bottom of the object.

Also they said it moved so very slowly which they found really strange. When I talked with the husband, he said he wanted to pull over to get a better look as he was driving, but his wife was frightened, crying and "insisted" that he keep going and quickly.

No noise again was reported coming from the object, but the couple were in their car travelling around Highway #16. It was certainly a disk shaped craft.

He also mentioned that there were other vehicles on the road at the time, (not many) and someone else must have seen it. The sighting lasted for approximately a minute and a half at the most from what he told me. I asked the husband roughly how high the object was off the ground as it travelled. He said it was high enough to clear all the mountains in the area.

Investigator Brian Vike's Note: On this route from Prince Rupert to Terrace, British Columbia you travel straight through the West Coast Mountain range which is very rugged. I am not sure as to the elevation of the mountains were where this event took place, but it would have to be around 2,500 to 3,000 feet. I will be checking this out as well. I plan to meet with all of the witnesses just as soon as the weather cooperates.

Anyway, this gives everyone an idea of what just took place, three reports, one coming from Vancouver Island, Kitimat and in between Terrace and Prince Rupert all on the same night. Plus there is not a lot of time difference between each of the sightings.

When I meet with these folks, I will see if they can draw a rough sketch of what they saw, and of course try to get a lot more detail on these sightings. From Houston, British Columbia where I am it is another 3 hour drive to Terrace, B.C., then you head east for approximately another half hour to get to Kitimat, British Columbia. So a long drive there and back again.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net


Bright UFO Splits In Two And Objects Shoot Off In Different Directions Outside Of Houston, British Columbia.

Date:  February 27, 2003
Time:  4:05 a.m.

I was over at Country Wide Stationary today (March 4, 2003) and a fellow had read the logo on my winter coat. He asked what it was all about, in which I explained what it was I was up to, investigating UFO sightings.

The man, a logging truck operator left the town of Houston, British Columbia driving up the Morice River Road heading approximately 100 kilometers out across the Reach to pick up a load of logs.

He went on to say when he reached the 30 kilometers mark on the Morice River Road, he witnessed "one" bright white light high in the sky heading in his direction.

As the light got closer to him, he watched the light split up into two parts, with both pieces flying in different directions. He said one part went west and the other east.

What was so amazing was that the two lights shot back up into the sky and disappeared. The sighting lasted approximately 6 to 7 seconds at the most.

He was so surprised and excited at what he just saw, he got on the trucks radio and asked other drivers on the road if anyone had witnessed what he just did. Two other drivers who were in the same area reported back to him that they also witnessed the same thing.

Investigator Brian Vike's Note: I have the name of one of the other drivers and will be speaking to him tomorrow to take his report. I was told that a number of logging truck drivers on their early morning hauls have seen a number of strange things in the sky, so I am also looking into these as well.

If you know anything about this case, would you please contact me, Brian Vike at sighting@telus.net

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at sighting@telus.net or fill out the online UFO report form at http://sightings1.yolasite.com/ with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

Vike Factor Note: I do receive sighting reports from all over the world, and I post all of the reports I receive here: http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

Brian Vike.
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

Email: sighting@telus.net or b_vike@telus.net

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