Friday, December 26, 2014

Witnesses Panic As Orange Lights/UFOs Get Larger And Brighter Over Killiney Ireland

Date:  2013 and December 25, 2014
Time:  Late night.

Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: The witness thought it was me who witnessed some lights, but it wasn’t, it was another person who saw similar lights and sending their report to me.

You are not alone my friend, we have witnessed these same glowing orb like objects before twice in the year of 2013 and just last night 25/12/2014.

We were coming home from my mom and dads and you have to travel over a very big hill/mountain to get over the other side to the main highway.

We were nearly over the hill and I looked up and I said to my husband, "please tell me there is a hill up there where that bright light is?" As we came around the corner? Nothing! Just a mass bright orange light as it glided across the sky as we were in pitch black as there are no lights on a hill out in the middle of know where.

I stopped the car dead in the middle of the road as we watched this orb moving as fast as a small aircraft. It then just disappeared out of sight. Then came another, but brighter and slightly bigger and moved just as fast and then vanished, because we have seen these strange lights before we new they travelled in threes.

What came next was larger and brighter and we are in pitch blackness and we have the hazards on. My husbands turns them off and this bloody thing slowed right down as if to hover just over us.

It is the closet we have ever seen these things and at this point I am scared to dead and we turned the lights on and drove very, very fast out of there.

That my friend was way to close for comfort, and I swear they are no dam bloody lanterns as they could not move as fast as a small aircraft and then stop mid air and then move slowly and then disappear.

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