Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 Red Lights/Objects Were Observed Over Tampa Bay Florida

Date:  December 13, 2014
Time:  7:20 p.m.

My name is (removed) and I filmed five lights in sky 12/13/14 at 7:20 p.m.

Have video and called Bay News 9, and they laughed at it.

Made report to MUFON. They were very close and seen by my wife and son.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, your welcome and we are still a little freaked out of what we seen.

The lights were visible for a total of 10 minuets. The first two were spaced about 10 seconds apart. Once the first one was too far to see anymore then came another.

Once the first two passed a large commercial jet (allegiant air) was passing by (as they all seem to make this big U turn over this neighborhood) he had all lights on, landing gear down and could see interior lights on. Very loud as always.

Once it passed and in the same area started theses red orange orbs/fireballs started again. This time I had our Sony Sure shot filming a total of three more came about 10-15 seconds apart again.

They made no sound and looked the same from them coming to us and going away from us. Same color, brightness, size, and direction/speed. Came from NW headed SE.

They were close enough to be able to see clearly, and I don't know what we were looking at. Looked like no more that 100-150 feet high. Witnessed by Me my wife and son.

The sky last night was very clear and was in lower 50's. As crazy as this sounds this was not the first time we seen these orange/red orbs.

Was seen New Years Eve 2012 around 4:00 p.m. still very daylight out and I, wife, and Grandma as well as a few neighbors witnessed.

The same orb like lights, but these were zigzagging all over the place was amazed on how fast they moved. I'm not real good with converting video from this camera to windows 8, but I do have the video.

Thanks for responding so quickly, I have not heard from MUFON as of yet reported last night.

Anything else I can help with let me know.

My many thanks to the eyewitnesses.

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