Saturday, December 27, 2014

Unknown Object Flying Over Head At Borris-In-Ossory Ireland

Date:  December 28, 2014
Time:  Early morning.

Just woke up about an hour ago an came down stairs to get something for breakfast went outside to have a cigarette and there was no cover of clouds over the sky.

Was looking up at the stars because it looks beautiful at this time. Anyway, I was looking up and spotted this flying object, it was totally silent and just going through the sky at a normal, but faster pace.

It went over Borris In Ossory, Ireland and was gone by the time I had finished smoking. I am a very quick smoker, only about 45 seconds to finish.

It was blinking twice every time I seen it. It looked exactly like a star, but it blink twice then stopped and repeated the pattern.

Found you on Google search for sightings. Wasn't freaked out, just admired it flying at such a pace. Thoughts?

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