Monday, December 8, 2014

Low In Altitude Bright Oval Shaped UFO Hovering Over Oshawa Ontario

Date:  November 25, 2014
Time:  Approx: 6:30 p.m.

Hi Brian, I hope you are keeping fine there to the west. This is a strange one indeed to share due to the closeness, I will leave this report only with you.

Last night (November 25,2014) while driving home into the Durham Region I noticed just north of highway 401 in Pickering and Ajax about a mile north, two stationary helicopters, each would be brightening and dimming a white light.

As I pulled into Whitby’s donut shop facing eastward to order, I could see another helicopter (Durham Police ?) a few miles away doing various maneuvers in the southeast in Oshawa. This is common here in Oshawa each night

When I got back on the road heading eastward on the service road north of the 401, parallel to the 401, I could see a very bright light sitting stationary at a distance of a couple miles.

As I came closer to Thornton Road to make a left hand turn north, I could see it quite low, maybe about 500 feet or less, sitting stationary and this bright light appeared “oval in shape light.”

I could not hear any sound coming from which I thought was a helicopter, how weird. Added I could not see a tail or any other coloured lights on it. I’m a little freaked out that it was exactly where I turn off to go north, corner of Thornton Road /Service road northeast corner.

So freaked, I did not even stop to get out for a better look to confirm. I’m sure many drivers on the 401 must have seen this bright oval light display as it was only less than one hundred yards north of the 401.

Very curious if anyone else has seen this unknown bright oval white light. That may have also reported to you. Be interesting to find out.

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