Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brian Vike

After reading and hearing some things around the internet, I thought I would clue some folks in. First of all, I do not have anything to do with the HBCC UFO Research website.

I did own and operate it at one time, but I sold my 5 domain names to Bigelow Aerospace back I believe in June of 2009. I was to retire at that point, only because I had a huge work load happening, family I wanted to spend more time with and also I had a “stroke” in March of 2009.

A few months went by and I must admit I was getting rather bored with not much happening around here, but after the months flew by, a friend, Jeff Rense contacted me and asked if I might like to look after any sighting reports that might come into his, as he was playing with the idea of bring his domain back on line.

I certainly thought about it, and told Jeff I would be very happy to jump aboard and look after the reports. Seeing the work load was going to be a lot less, not having to look after a website and knowing I wasn’t about to do guest appearances on stacks radio programs as I did in the past, and a ton of other things, it was going to work out great, and it has.

So enough on this, but best to let folks know that I am at ( and also at my main blog The Vike Factor (

Brian Vike.

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