Monday, December 27, 2010

Large Bright Flickering Object Would Grow And Shrink Over Ottawa Ontario

Date: December 26, 2010
Time: Approx: 8:53 p.m.

In response to the postings of a UFO sighting on December 26, 2010 at approximately 8:53 pm EST, I was looking out of my 11th floor patio window, scanning the clear Winter sky, when I noticed a large bright flickering object in the southeast part sky. As I watched it, I noticed that it was not flickering in a rhythmic pattern, it would grow bigger then back to its original size, and sometimes, it seemed to be either light green or blue, and orange.

At some points, it would glow larger rather than grow larger. Because it was stationery, I knew that it wasn't an airplane. But it was the fact that it would grow larger, then smaller again, which made me think that it was indeed a UFO. I watched it until 10:10 pm when a friend called me. We spoke for a little over an hour and a half. So when I went back to look for it, it wasn't there.

Because of the reports of the sightings in London, Ontario on the same date, in particular, the one that saw it in the northwest, I knew that we were looking at the same object, because Ottawa is northwest of London.

I hope to see more sightings. In fact, I know I will.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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