Thursday, September 4, 2014

Brilliant Orange Object In The Sky Blew Up East Of Fallbrook California

Date:  August 30, 2014
Time:  9:15 p.m.

August 30, 2014 at 9:15 p.m. I went to bed. Our house faces east with a giant view. We hear and see the Camp Penelton helicopters all the time, day and night so very familiar to there look over 10 years living here.

I sat on the edge of my bed with my iPad and something caught my eye. It was a very brilliant orange, then from my angle it blew up. I thought I saw a plane blow up, but nothing fell down, it just proofed and it was gone.

I have never ever seen something so real except in a movie. It wasn't flares because it didn't slowly fall, plus this was to big and I've seen flares before. I don't face the base and I am the furthest east of Fallbrook, California.

It is a rural area with homes on 2 plus acres so not dense at all. I know what I saw and it looked like a movie animated blow up.

If anyone has witnessed the lights/objects, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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