Sunday, September 14, 2014

Witnesses Watch Flying Saucer UFO Hovering In The Sky Between Ajax And Pickering Ontario

Date:  1964
Time:  Daytime.

Hi Brian, I have just located your site regarding a recent sighting of orange lights in the sky. Since you requested any old sighting being sent along as well, I am sending a report on an incident dating back some 50 years.

I was approximately 12 years old (1964) at the time and in a vehicle with my parents and two year old brother.  We were on highway #2 in between Ajax and Pickering Ontario, Canada. I am not sure what direction we were travelling, but there was a line of cars in front of us and on the opposite side of the road that had pulled over and were looking up.

At that point we noticed an object in the sky on the passenger side of the vehicle that appeared to be hovering in the air. It was relatively close from my recollection, almost the height of a plane coming in for a landing.

It can only be referred to as the typical silver “flying saucer”. The shape was as if you had taken two sandwich plates and placed the open ends together to reveal a full saucer shape.

As we continued on slowly down the road we had passed some tree’s and by the time we reached the other side of them the object was gone. I recall my Father mentioning something about the power lines, which makes we think we were closer to Pickering and the power plant.

It has been this experience that captivated me to having an interest in astronomy and always being watchful of the night sky. I feel so lucky to have seen this UFO and have never been shy if the circumstance arose to tell others about this experience, regardless what their responses, I know what I saw.

I have always wondered if there are some of the other people that saw the same sighting, that wish there was a way to express there experience and let people know what they saw, and your site has at least given me that opportunity.

Thank you very much.

If anyone has witnessed the object, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

If you care to report directly to a UFO investigator in Ontario, please contact Sue Demeter - St Clair at her email address or fill out her reporting form here:

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