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1970 UFO Incident Aboard Navy Ship - Bay Of Biscay Experience (Pictures/Graphics)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files)

Vike, being a retired art teacher, living in western Ohio, I am far removed from the events on the Bay of Biscay in 1970.

Yet the feelings I acquired then seem like they started yesterday.

 The illustration comes very close to what appeared to me. Thank you.

Bay of Biscay Experience 1970

 Amidships on a Destroyer there is low, flat, open space. The picture below shows, from an archive photo, the USS Dyess (DD-880). It was aboard this small craft that an incident occurred which will haunt me for the rest of my life.

From the front (bow), going toward the rear, there are two gun turrets. Behind those is a big complex of two towers, called the superstructure.

 Immediately after that is a low, dark, sunken area. On that night in July, 1970, I sat alone above it on a set of steps, so that I was looking forward in the direction of the superstructure.

 I couldn’t believe that I had this beautiful scene all to myself. Billions of stars and a brilliant full moon illuminated the calm, smooth ocean’s surface.

 This setting was further enhanced by the balmy temperature. The absence of my shipmates was, at first, no concern.

 Soon, however, I was confronted with something that would send me inside the nearest hatchway for cover.

 The next page shows where the whole thing happened.

Caption for picture above: USS Dyess (DD-180) ~ Black arrow indicates location of occurrence.

Caption for map left/below: Position of ship near the West Coast of France as shown by black rectangle.

The first sensation was that of being frozen in time. I was relaxed, yet found I was unable to move.

 Then there suddenly appeared on the deck below me, about twenty feet away, a glowing, truly luminous cloud.

 It was silent and its edges were yellow-green wisps. Spherical in form and not solid, but gaseous, it swirled inside as it hovered above the steel-plated deck. In my dreamlike state I lost track of the minutes.

 The neon blue-green apparition had materialized in an instant, but then began slowly to transform, and darken, as it shrank down from twelve feet in diameter. While doing so, its semi-transparent nature thickened and the edges became well-defined.

 Any haziness was replaced by a strange figure, human in size. The deep cyan vision had a full body, head, arms, legs, hands and feet, while it began to dance about joyfully.

A performance that seems like it was yesterday, I recall it with trepidation now, forty-two years later.

 What began without warning vanished just as quickly, leaving me alone and mystified.

Image right: Left is an illustration of the situation as it appeared. 

Although reconstructed more than four decades after the event, to me this is of no concern, because the memory is as fresh as last night.

 Although I did move inside after experiencing this, it was not due to fear.

 Actually, the contact gave me a feeling of comfort and knowing.

Caption for above graphic: Bay of Biscay Apparition July 1970.

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