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Blue UFOs And Missing Time On Highway 97 Between 100 Mile House And Clinton British Columbia (Audio Interview)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Mel.

I talked with a nice lady who wanted to make a report of what she saw. She is living in Clinton, B.C. and drove to 100 mile House for her grandson's third birthday. After her day with her family it was 6:25 p.m. when the lady left to drive back home to Clinton. The woman told me she planned to drive straight through, not stopping along the way.

She was approximately 10 miles north of Clinton where the highway elevation is relatively high, when she witnessed a brilliant blue light hovering down in the meadow beside the highway. The light was so bright it lit up the entire area around it. The woman told me she didn't know what to think at that time and just continued towards home.

The witness never got to drive much further when she saw three more blue lights shaped in a V pattern hovering off to the side of the highway and up the bank just ahead of her vehicle. She drove by the lights, baffled at what they might be, and the next thing the lady remembered was pulling into the small community where she resides.

When she thought about her experience she realized that she had somehow lost 40 minutes. She could not account for the missing time. The witness also commented that she felt rather unusual after she arrived home, but never thought alot about it at that moment.

Two days after witnessing the blue lights she drove back to 100 Mile House and along the way she kept her eyes peeled to see if there was a home, or some other structure that may have caused the lights that she saw. There didn't appear to be anything man made that could have created the lights.  

Some days later the woman talked with a fellow who also saw the blue lights around the same location. Then the following week the local newspaper ran an article about blue lights seen by others over 108 Mile.  

Now knowing a few others had seen the same lights, she drove around to some of the farms asking the folks if they too, might have been witness to anything at the time and date the lights were observed. The lady had no luck finding anyone else.

To listen into Brian Vike and the eyewitness, click on the link provided: http://www.4shared.com/mp3/-rci4z4K/ClintonBritishColumbia.html?

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