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U.K. Traffic Officer Catches UFO On Patrol Cars Video Camera (Video Footage)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Mel.

Brian Vike’s Note: As of yet the object in this video footage has not been explained. UFO Hunters the TV UFO documentary aired the footage in one of their shows, they had an expert look at the footage and the object in it and no answer came from him as well. The red/pink colored light is not the object, that is a reflection from inside the police car. The object you should be looking at is bright white and over the mountain in the distance.

Brian Vike's Note: I have been asked to remove the actual day of this sighting, which I have done in this report. So the date reads, May 2003. I of course will protect the identity of the police officer and the person who sent me the report, photo and map. Also the footage will be posted when it arrived to me.

Hi Brian, a traffic officer some years ago in my force handed me a Digital-8 tape from one of the patrol vehicles. The Officer had been travelling westbound on the A-59 road between Skipton and Bolton Abbey, lovely towns in North Yorkshire, UK.

This was a routine patrol, (actual day of sighting removed by Brian Vike) May 2003 approximately 2130 hours – the time and date is accurately shown on the speed-detection overlay the pursuit vehicles are equipped with.

The officer of course had a far better view than the limited resolution of the camera. The Officer remarked that the light was clearly made up of a packed cluster of small, very bright lights. It kind of shocked the officer greatly and you can see the vehicle’s speed slow down as the officer tries to take in the scene.

The officer is experienced and well used to the Nightsun searchlights of the neighbouring force’s Police Helicopter and the officer was adamant this was not such a searchlight. No sound was heard (granted the officer was inside a moving Subaru Impreza, a fast chase car not noted for quiet travel as our local speedsters can attest when caught! The Officer feels this was not a fighter aircraft with reheat engaged (after burn).

Anyway, despite this being rather old now, the officer didn’t wish any attention at all over this and asked me to hide their identity. I have protected name, gender and exact date in the video-capture. I ask if you use any of this report you describe the date as just ‘May 2003’ avoiding the day completely.

I have a DivX of the display at about 9MB. The full uncompressed unedited Digital-8 capture to pc is about 209 MB. I would just need time to mask off the day from the speed detection overlay (once I
figure that with Premiere!). Let me know if you’d like the video, and how to get it to you. I hold the original Digital-8 tape.

Please don’t ID me either, please use ‘anon police officer’ if you like.

The video is not remarkable, it shows a white light slowly flare up to a peak brightness, then fade out again (I checked, it wasn’t Iridium’s) I enclose GIFs of a video-capture of a frame, and a detailed Ord map of the witnesses’ position relative to the image capture, also showing the approximate direction of the object from the officer. Distance was impossible to guess.

Thank you to the person for sending along the report, photo and map. Video footage was given to Brian Vike and is copyright 2009 to Brian Vike.

Brian Vike (Retired)
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.


The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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