Friday, October 31, 2014

White Light/Triangular UFO Moves And Seen From Buffalo New York To Fort Erie Ontario

Date:  October 15, 2014 to October 20, 2014 ?
Time:  9:30 p.m.

Buffalo New York near Niagara River.

Looking west towards Fort Erie, Ontario.

Stationary white light. Took off vertically and slowly flew east over Niagara River.

White craft with blinking white lights. The lights seemed off centered. A white light flashing on the top left side. Large white light in middle.

As it passed, I saw a large horizontal red light the color of a brilliant red setting sun-like an exhaust of some sort. It was moving very slowly towards downtown Buffalo.

I lost sight when object moved over the city because of buildings.

It looked triangular and white possibly having small tail wings

Then a sudden increase of what looked like aircraft flying east to west over Niagara River towards Fort Erie Ontario.

If anyone has witnessed the light/object, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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